Stem cells and advanced formulations

The Beauty Of Science. The Science Of Beauty.

Looking fab… from the lab with kaya advanced formulations

Science and beauty. Two concepts from opposite ends of the spectrum: one that’s cold logic and one that’s steeped in human emotions. When you think science you think galaxies far, far away…much like Star Wars. But recent developments have brought science closer to beauty than women in earlier times could ever have imagined. Think about it: every little thing mankind has done to preserve or enhance beauty has some sort of science, however small, behind it. Ever since history can remember, scientists have spent their lives persuading Nature to part with her beauty and skin care secrets. Various discoveries have shaped the evolution of skin care as we know it today. And as humankind is the only species that can choose how it looks, the race has only just begun.

Is there a formula to looking good? Read on.

So can plant stem cells truly stem the ageing process? Can flowers infuse skin with the bloom of youth? Can hyper pigmentation be reversed so completely that that skin glows with high-definition clarity? It’s all scientifically possible now. How? Because kaya has made it so. Hardly surprising, come to think of it. After all, this is the brand that defines skin care, with the largest pool of dermatologists in the Middle East and a string of innovations in bespoke skin care services.Transforming the cold power of science into beauty that makes the heart leap.

Take our clinical genius home with you.

Having defined skin care in all its myriad ways and forms, our dermatologists sought ways to complement their services with emerging breakthroughs for you. They explored the newly charted territories of biology at the molecular level and combined it with kaya’s immense pool of valuable skin insights to create a whole new generation of advanced super formulations. The new range of kaya advanced formulations covers the entire spectrum of skin care with that special ‘kayaness’ that you have come to trust.

Nip aging in the bud with Youth Excell.

Beauty stems from nature. And there’s nothing like the wonders of nature to help keep your skin young. Look, the secret to youthfulness lies in the ability of skin to continuously regenerate itself. This process relies on the skin’s own stem cells. But as we age, our stem cells lose their capacity for regeneration. That’s why our experts went to the root of the problem and extracted the latest plant stem cell technology to design Youth Excell. This innovative set of formulations leverages the protective and regenerative advantages of stem cells from the Argan tree. Youth Excell reveals tighter, firmer and deeply rejuvenated skin to give you that beautiful youthful look.

Products: Derma Stemness Benefactor, Derma Stemness Reviving Serum, Derma Collagen Intense Solution

Stay as fresh as a flower with White Resilience.

Beauty, if uncared for, can fall apart like the delicate petals of a flower. kaya’s new White Resilience range, as its name suggests, works to make your beauty stand strong against the onslaught of the sun. Recommended for overall skin lightening and de-pigmentation, this range is based on the amazing attributes of exotic flowers. White Resilience takes advantage of Japanese Cherry Flower Extracts and Purple Orchid Extracts that moisturize and soothe while acting as antioxidant agents to give you supple skin with a lighter tone. The range combines these exotic youth-renewing extracts with potent whitening actives to give you flawless, fairer and younger-looking skin.

Products: Creamy Exfoliating Rinse, Refining Mist, All Day Brightening Cream, Overnight Brightening Nourisher

Breathe life back into your skin with Super Orange Bloom.

Can skin see a resurgence of youth and vitality? You bet it can! The Super Orange Bloom range from kaya consists of a specially-designed multi-vitamin complex that awakens and purifies dull, lifeless skin, making it bright and radiant. The multi-vitamins rejuvenate skin cells and detoxify the skin to give you that sought-after hydrated, glowing and refreshed look.

Products: Skin Awakening Rinse, Skin Awakening Gel, All Day Detoxifying Concentrate, Overnight Skin Replenisher

Be at your dazzling best with Intense Clarify HD.

Being born with a great complexion is one thing. Making sure it remains even-toned is quite another. Over the years, exposure to the sun, hormonal influences, injuries, genetic factors, certain illnesses and aging can cause overproduction of melanin in parts of the skin. This leads to hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots. But with kaya there’s always a bright side. This time it’s in the form of Intense Clarify HD – the ultimate answer to questions posed by uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. The formulation’s active ingredients correct and prevent pigmentation, to give you a radiance that will dazzle everyone.

Products: Brightening Serum, Brightening and Firming Eye Serum, Pigmentation Reducing Complex

Correct those acne scars. On the spot!

Supporting kaya’s mission to free you of the emotional distress caused by acne, the ever-popular Acne Free Range now features an exciting new highlight: the Purifying Spot Corrector. As the name suggests, it targets blemishes on the spot! Formulated with proven fast-acting actives such as zinc sulfate, salicylic and glycolic acids and with hazel extract, this is your little magic wand that effectively dries out blemishes for clearer skin.

New Product: Purifying Spot Corrector

Take care of your man’s tough skin with the Men’s Range.

Does tough mean rough? Does stubble mean trouble? And to what extent does a bloke have to go to enjoy the simple comfort of supple skin? Not too far, as it turns out – with the Men’s Range. It’s an SPF 15 non-greasy formula that hydrates and protects without making its presence felt. Most importantly it’s perfume-free, and hypoallergenic too. The Men’s Range is perfectly suited to dry and sensitive skin.

Products: Revitalizing Face Wash, Skin Relief After Shave Gel

Keep your skin glowing with the Post Care Range.

Having shown your skin how much you care with kaya’s bespoke range of skin care services, it only makes sense to continue showering it with love. The Post Care Range helps cherish the benefit your skin has received during the session. Its SPF 15 non-greasy formula hydrates and protects the skin while continuing to nurture its beauty. It spreads effortlessly for that perfect matte finish and is perfume free, making it inconspicuous. It’s also hypoallergenic, and ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Products: Intense Hydration Body Lotion

Protect your skin head to toe with the Body Essential Range.

The Middle-East is famous for fast cars, big roads and even bigger buildings. But it’s infamous for its unforgiving climate. Winters are dry and summers are humid, the sun is intense and sandstorms are frequent. So what your body truly needs is the intense hydration that kaya’s special Body Essential Range offers. It’s perfect for all skin types and comes with a unique 24-hour moisture lock formula, which means you needn’t apply it more than once a day. kaya’s Body Essential Range is an exceptionally light and non-greasy formulation derived from shea and kokum butter, which restore essentials oils to your skin and keep you soft to the touch.

Products: Intense Hydration Body Lotion

Gently protective for the sensitive types: The sunscreen that truly cares.

With no dearth of sunshine in the region and the long summer months, burning up in the heat is not uncommon. So while you put on big, flashy shades and a nice top hat, dress your skin up with the fabulous Sun Defence Range. The range has been expanded to include a special new Sensitive Sunscreen. Gently protective with sensitive skin, its SPF 15 non-greasy formula moisturizes while protecting, and it can be applied evenly for a matte finish. Perfume-free and hypoallergenic with no side-effects whatsoever.

Products: Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin

Because great skin is the ultimate product.

So which formulations does your skin truly need? What sort of attention does it require? Of course, these are questions you could possibly answer on your own but if you want professional advice (which is probably best) we suggest you meet with an expert dermatologist. It may mean using one or more of Kaya’s fabulous new products along with some sessions at the clinic. That’s why, at kaya, we decided to complement our bespoke skincare services with our revolutionary products to give you a comprehensive skincare program. Explore. Amazing discoveries await you!

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