Stretch Mark Solutions

Your bundle of joy has enriched every moment. The memories are forever, but those stretch marks, fortunately, need not be. Our treatments can lighten them out as you savour every moment of motherhood.

Pregnancy and childbirth bring with them miraculous transformations in you. Physical as well as emotional. And stretch marks are the last thing you should have to worry about.

Stretch marks show up as parallel, linear streaks on the skin. They start off by appearing red or purple with the skin looking glossy and thinned. Over time, they turn whitish, have a slightly different texture and are slightly depressed

Despite all the giant strides medical science has taken, stretch marks have remained a challenge, the world over. And topical treatments have limited effect. About 90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks and end up feeling conscious about them for long after.

That’s why our dermatologists have leveraged their deep understanding of skin to actually reduce these unsightly streaks that typically occur during pregnancy, but are also caused by growth spurts during puberty or extreme workouts for bodybuilding.

What causes Stretch Marks

Let’s understand what goes on beneath the surface. Stretch marks are common and rarely a sign of a medical condition. The appearance of stretch marks is generally induced by excessive stretching of the skin, typically during periods of rapid weight gain or weight loss. It is mostly associated with pregnancy, the beautiful period when your body goes through rapid physical and hormonal changes, and as your baby bump grows faster than your skin can handle.

Stretch marks surface because something gives way.

Normally, the skin is pretty elastic; but when it is overstretched, the elastic fibres in the middle layer of skin – the dermis, weaken and break down in places. Now, the freshly irritated blood vessels below become visible, making the thinned-out and glossy streak of skin look red or purple. Eventually, the blood vessels contract and the pale coloured fat cells become visible, turning the stretch marks whitish in colour.

The severity of stretch marks varies with the degree of stress on the elastic fibers and an individual’s genetic disposition. Medication containing corticosteroids can trigger high levels of cortisone, a hormone produced by the adrenal gland. This weakens the elastic fibers in the skin and makes stretch marks more likely. Medications that interfere with normal collagen formation could cause stretch marks too.

The hormones that are produced during periods of weight gain or weight loss are considered by some to be the real causes of stretch marks. During pregnancy too, hormones that soften ligaments are released. (Ligaments are strong bands of tissues which connect joints. These ligaments need to soften to increase flexibility in the pelvic region, thereby easing childbirth) However, the same hormones that soften the ligaments also soften the elastic fibers in the dermis, making them more likely to break down and causing stretch marks.

Introducing Kaya Stretch Mark Reduction Therapy

The trouble with stretch marks has always been that although they’re harmless, they can be remarkably stubborn. Generally speaking, stretch mark creams work only superficially.

That’s why the region’s largest team of dermatologists work together at Kaya to solve this seemingly unsolvable problem. Applying innovative thinking, they have developed a revolutionary approach that reduces stretch marks. One that delivers deeply satisfying results.

Here’s how it’s made to work for you. After carrying out a detailed analysis of your skin, your dermatologist draws up a customised treatment plan which combines carefully selected techniques and services with the latest in Mesotherapy, CO2 Laser or Carboxy therapy and Bipolar Radiofrequency – used together or individually as needed.

How Kaya Stretch Mark Therapy works

Carboxy is where the repair begins. If there ever were a clever use of skin biochemistry, this is it. Small doses of CO2 are administered to a problem area. The body responds by rushing oxygen to the spot, with the ultimate effect of rejuvenating your skin. And how does that happen? Carboxy visibly repairs the broken collagen responsible for the appearance of stretch marks. It also encourages the formation of new collagen, and thickens the skin to improve overall appearance.

Mesotherapy delivers a ‘medicinal bullet’ of vitamins, along with therapeutical ingredients, directly into the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin, with a micro-injection. The skin then works its magic by acting as a time-release delivery system, healing the specifically targeted areas long after the procedure. Its cells join in and get metabolically active – repairing connective tissue, stimulating natural collagen production and accelerating elastin generation.

Bipolar Radiofrequency helps the skin heal itself. The skin is a wonderful self-healing organ but sometimes, requires a little push in the right direction. Fractional radio frequency, projected beneath the surface of your skin, stimulates the body’s natural healing process and accelerates collagen growth. As a result, skin becomes softer, smoother and younger from within, reducing stretch mark colour and uneven texture. With marginal post-procedure downtime and hardly any side effects, Bipolar Radiofrequency proves to be an extremely effective tool in the fight against stretch marks. Do take a look at our solutions with the help of the search box below.

What you can look forward to

The sooner you start the treatment, after the appearance of stretch marks, the better the results. Your stretch marks reduce significantly, fading with each session. And your skin steadily becomes noticeably healthier, smoother and more even-toned.

As individual skin varies, so does the pace of response. Rest assured, however, that you will see definite improvement. With a bit of patience, those stretch marks should turn near-invisible. It all follows a plan. Even the most innovative treatments need good old-fashioned discipline and planning.

Your bespoke program is followed by home-care recommendations. The exact number of sessions would depend upon the extent and age of the stretch marks.

By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


Is stretch mark removal possible?

Stretch marks will never disappear but the appearance of it can drastically be improved through certain solutions like radiofrequency.

How do you treat fresh stretch marks?
Treatment of stretch marks depends upon the combination of products, masks, pressure therapy and radiofrequency.

Can exercise reduce stretch marks?
Exercise can not get rid of the stretch marks completely but can definitely help reduce it. Exercise promotes anti-oxidants and gives us good blood flow, which is really important for stimulating new collagen and skin repair.

How much is the cost of stretch marks removal?
The cost will depend on the customised plan your Doctor draws out for you based on the requirement.

Advanced solutions. Expertly customized.

Our dermatologists draw upon the latest advancements to craft a treatment that’s just right for you.

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