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Beautiful is a feeling. It elevates self-belief and self-love, unlocking confidence like never-before! As you embark on your beauty journey, you need experts, who can deliver the results you desire. At Kaya, our specialists work with over 900,000 sq. mts. of skin every year. In a friendly, warm environment of uncompromised safety, we combine proven expertise with personalized treatments to help you look and feel great. Go on, start your beauty journey today, and show the world what’s your beautiful!

    • With Kaya, your beauty ally, you are in the safest hands. Our experts craft personalized skin, hair & body treatments just for you. Our service protocols have been designed using the collective intelligence of the region’s largest pool of dermatologists. All this, so you can be assured of getting the results you desire. #ExperienceKaya

    • Beauty should have no tags. No limits and definitely no judgements. It’s not the world’s definition of beauty but how you define what makes you feel beautiful. With over 17 years of experience in the region, our expert dermatologists tap into a wide range of advanced solutions, technologies and products to help you find the right skin, hair or body treatments personalised for your needs. "Be fearless in your pursuit of beauty. And let the world know, what's your beautiful."

    Top Services

    Body Contouring Solutions

    Time and lifestyle factors add various challenges, creating visible changes in skin texture and body contour. These changes can be stubborn. Diet, exercise and lifestyle modification certainly help to an extent, but cannot reverse them altogether. That’s why our body solutions combine diverse technologies and techniques to smooth out cellulite, ease away telltale veins and edemas, and trim difficult areas to help craft those cuts and curves just the way you want them. Kaya Body Solutions are also an excellent preventative strategy if you start with them early enough.

    Hair Strength Therapies

    Bad hair days mean much angst to most of us as hair thins, falls or simply loses quality. Until now, treatment choices were limited to topical applications, water filters or drastic measures such as hair transplants. However it is now possible to bring new strength and vitality to hair with new, minimally invasive therapies that reduces hair loss, rejuvenate the scalp and regenerate hair. They also combat brittleness, frizziness and hair fall that occurs for various reasons.

    Aesthetic Surgeries

    As the region’s most highly regarded skin clinics for more than 17 years, you can trust us to deliver the best. With a team of world class surgeons, who have delivered top notch outcomes over the years, you can now look forward to an experience that’s reassuringly Kaya, every step of your journey—from consultation to aftercare. Find out more about why you should choose Kaya, and all about our aesthetic surgery solutions

    Intimate Rejuvenation

    As life takes its course, a woman’s body keeps changing. Childbirth, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations and the passage of time, all have an impact. Various factors – genetics included – influence how the body responds to these events and the extent to which it recovers.

    These changes take place all over, and the intimate areas are no exception. Vaginal tissue may get overstretched, collagen may be damaged and the muscle tone of the vaginal wall, weakened.

    Age Control

    While medical science cannot, yet, alter the ageing process, it has given us the tools to help control the visible effects and make a meaningful difference to your quality of life. At Kaya, our age control solutions focus on four key goals: rebuilding volume, reducing wrinkles, restoring contour, and rejuvenating the skin
    The right skin care treatments can help prevent and reverse the visible signs of ageing. Our treatments focus on rejuvenating and regenerating skin at a deeper level

    Lip Enhancement

    Lips help us signal our emotions and shape the sound of our words. Being an important element of our looks, they speak to our sense of social confidence even as they communicate to the world around us.

    Get the lips you’ve always wanted. Smooth. Full. Sensuous. Kaya Lipcraft focuses on three key aspects that define your lips: colour, texture and contour.The lips are one of our most prominent and expressive features.

    Kaya for Men

    At Kaya, we have grown to offer our unique range of experiences to men to equip them to feel younger, fresher and more confident. Kaya therapies for men encompass a range of cosmetic and dermatological procedures and surgeries, specially designed to suit male needs.
    Explore our steady line of services that stay up-to-date with new techniques and technologies.

    Laser Luxe Hair Removal

    Everyone is unique, and so is their skin. No two individuals are identical in the way their skin responds to a laser. That’s why the region’s largest team of dermatologists have created Laser Luxe Bespoke Hair Removal Solutions. Crafted for each individual. For every area of the body. For every skin and hair type. For every stage of hair regrowth. You’ll appreciate the finesse with which advanced technologies speak to your skin’s tiniest preferences.
    Dedicating a decade of research to the delicate relationship between lasers and skin, Kaya has got it down to science and expertise.

    Acne & Acne Scar Solutions

    Acne can mar much more than just your skin. Our treatments look at a complete solution by eliminating the root cause of the acne and eradicating all those scars.
    Kaya Acne Scar Repair solution focuses on removal of existing lesions and scars while preventing the formation of new ones. It involves exfoliation, to help removal of dead skin cells, pollution deposits and damaged skin, which aids in scar reduction, and in a thorough cleansing of the skin surface. Exfoliation is followed by laser treatment which penetrates the skin and remodels the scars to achieve the goal of flawless, beautiful skin.

    Pigmentation Solutions

    Pigmentation is nature’s way of protecting skin from the hazardous effects of UV (ultraviolet) radiation which is abundant in sunlight.

    Sun exposure encourages our skin cells to produce melanin, a brown pigment. Melanin absorbs or scatters radiation in order to protect the DNA of the skin from ultraviolet rays.Hyperpigmentation occurs as skin turns more vulnerable to the elements. Skin cells get damaged by overexposure to UV rays, which disrupts melanin production and distribution.
    We bring together medication with advanced Kaya products and technologies to deliver a truly effective line of pigmentation treatments. Do take a closer look at our solutions with the help of the search box below.

    Client Reviews

    • I visited Kaya again for a face treatment! I must say from the reception to the treatment room, i was given attention. Dr. Tabassum is right there every step of the process! Thank you Kareema for taking care of me from the moment i step in the clinic! Thank you Ramya, Pavillana and Dr. Aniana!


      -Rand Alghamdi
    • Wonderful experience ! I really recommend , Surumi she so welcoming and respectful she Did a great job doing aqua facial for me , absolutely recommended ! I We’ll be back again for sure


      -Lamoosh Taher
    • Kaya mushrif clinic highly recommended staff all of them are very helpful doctors professionals especially staff sreeshankar & Sasha & also appreciated dr reham only in mushrif.


    • I did Aqua facial with Sanaa, she is professional and gave me a good recommendation that suits my skin. The reception staffs are always welcoming and helpful.


      -Abir Hassoun
    • ممتازين جدااا وتعامل قديم معاهم واحبهم كثيرررر.. الطاقم جداا ممتاز ماشاءالله ومستوى رقي وتعامل ونظافة…. وكل الشكر للعسل نور على جمال التعامل والطيب واكيد حبيبتي ارلين ❤️❤️ مش خساره بالعيادة اي درهم… وشكراا

      -Faisal Almotery
    • My aunt had suddenly developed a patchy skin and nothing worked for her. Then she tried a peel and used Q switched laser to treat deep pigments. This revolutionary treatment gave her a even toned skin and the clarity she always wanted

    • A very respectable and high-end clinic, the staff are well trained and the reception is beautiful Thank you, Staff, and the clinic manager.

      -Lubna Abuzinada
    • Service, appointments and sessions 100% The staff treated them very sophisticated The equipment is modern and painless The highest clinic in my opinion‎

      -Aljouhrh H
    • I’ve done laser hair removal on my upper lip there recently and I loved it. it was painless and everyone was so nice and friendly. Will definitely visit again ? zainab.

    • A very wonderful clinic in terms of administrative staff, reception and medical .. Frankly, a very distinguished service. The workers are comfortable and try to satisfy customers in any way. Thank you Dr. Naseeb. Thank you Kaya

      -Mona Riad
    • The services are more than amazing, and the doctor who is impossible to change is Dr. Nassib, who has had his client for 8 years

    • Even though their services are expensive but at least they deserve it! The reception staff are so kind and welcoming. The laser rooms are comfortable and clean. I did all the session with one amazing nurse “Josephine”. Good hygiene and results!

      -Ishfaq khan
    • Facial treatements there are amazing. I usually request the basic facial and sometimes I do the detox with Genices who is very calm and her work is very accurate

      -نو رة
    • Wonderful treatment with all credibility and very elegant touches. A thousand thanks. Kaya and Doctor

      -Hadeer Soliman
    • I thank the the sweet team clinic and the services.When you pay, you feel a that YES I deserve that experience with Dr. Areej, very beautiful, and the benefits of the sessions are amazing, unlike the other clinics that talk too much but with no results. I saved wasting my time with rediculase clinics and money. Thank you

      -Marwa Tahir
    • I would like to thank the clinic’s for their commitment to the preventive measures recommended by the government. I visited them a week after more than two months closing and they were very professional in their work and interested in the customer. All thanks and appreciation to them.

    • Experience has been exceptionally brilliant. The reception staff are always so very polite, professional and very helpful. The ladies on reception are a real credit to Kaya Clinic, Jeddah. The treatment is great and the medical staff also really very good and very pleasant. The clinic environment is very safe and very clean. I would highly recommend using Kaya Clinic, Jeddah.

      -Ishfaq khan
    • It was my first visit and I found them taking all the safety measurnments from sterilizers, masks, heat caps, spacing on the seats and utilities at all, excellent service and adherence to appointments .. and the girls in reception are very good and helpful, doctor is professional in his dealings and works … for them all thanks ?

      -نو رة
    • I wanted to get a treatment done for my haggard skin but was confused. So on my sister’s suggestion went to Kaya skin clinic. They took me through all the solutions they have including chemical peel, microabrasion and laser treatment. Thereafter, they suggested one for my problem. I was very happy with the way they handled the case.

      -Marwa Tahir