Hips and thighs that pucker up and dimple? Our treatments work their way deep down, starting from the surface to reverse the processes that cause cellulite, and restore perfectly smooth skin.

For all the heartache it causes, cellulite is nothing but subcutaneous fat (normal fat beneath the skin), pushing against fibrous connective tissue, as a result of which the skin above begins to pucker and develop a bumpy, dimpled appearance, also dubbed ‘orange peel skin’. As the term indicates, cellulite forms when fat cells swell up and present themselves as dimples or lumps on the body.

Anyone could have cellulite. There is no correlation with being overweight; however, losing weight may help reduce cellulite.

Although it poses no medical hazard, nor points towards risk factors of any kind, cellulite can be a vexing issue, especially when it’s time to wear a bathing suit. Topical treatments have long been the standard approach to dealing with cellulite, but the effect is limited. Nor do fitness and muscle-toning regimens manage to target cellulite to any appreciable degree.

What causes Cellulite

There are a multitude of physiological, hormonal or genetic factors leading to cellulite, and could include changes in metabolism, diet and exercise habits, or alteration in connective tissue structure. Cellulite has even been traced back to high-stress lifestyles which cause an increase in the level of catecholamines such as adrenaline (associated with the fight-or-flight response).

Women’s skin is anatomically different from men’s skin. As estrogen is released into the body, fluid builds up in fatty tissues, which for women are more abundant in the thigh and hip regions. Estrogen release also decreases production of collagen, reducing skin elasticity which increases the likelihood of cellulite.

A poorly functioning lymphatic system leads to cell wall damage. Coupled with increased fat deposition within these cells, the combined effect shows up as cellulite.

Introducing Kaya Cellulite Solutions

The trouble with cellulite is that although it is harmless from a medical point of view, it can be bruising as far as social confidence goes. Generally speaking, cellulite creams work only superficially, as the source of the problem lies considerably deeper.

For a cellulite treatment to be effective and sustainable, it must achieve a variety of outcomes. Not only must it literally push back against the problem, it should deal with whatever root causes can be addressed at a physiological level.

That’s why the region’s largest team of dermatologists work together at Kaya to deliver a comprehensive solution. Applying innovative thinking, they have developed a revolutionary approach that effectively reduces cellulite. Do take a closer look with the help of the search box below.

How Kaya Cellulite Solutions work

Cellulite reduction treatment aims to achieve four key outcomes: removal of accumulated deposits, reinvigoration of circulatory activity, especially lymphatic drainage, reinforcement of the retentive collagen structure and remodelling of skin.

After carrying out a detailed analysis of your skin, your dermatologist draws up a customised treatment plan which combines carefully selected techniques and services with the latest in Carboxy, Mesotherapy and Bipolar Fractional Radiofrequency – used together or individually as needed.

Carboxy therapy consists of charging a specific area of skin with a measured dose of carbon dioxide. An entire spectrum of beneficial effects begin to take place. First. The rush of gas ruptures the fat cells while leaving the remaining skin structures and nerves unharmed. Secondly, as a natural response to the carbon dioxide infusion, oxygen-rich blood rushes to the area in order to exchange gases and transport the carbon dioxide to the lungs for exhalation. This circulatory rush also reinvigorates the sluggish lymphatic system which had led to the cellulite-causing accumulation of fat, toxins and waste. Thirdly, the oxygen supply drives fat combustion. It also promotes collagen remodeling and helps the overlying skin turn thicker and smoother.

Mesotherapy delivers a ‘medicinal bullet’ of vitamins, along with therapeutical ingredients, directly into the mesoderm, the middle layer of skin, with a micro-injection. The skin then works its magic by acting as a time-release delivery system, healing the specifically targeted areas long after the procedure. Its cells join in and get metabolically active – repairing connective tissue, stimulating natural collagen production and accelerating elastin generation.

Bipolar Fractional Radiofrequency stimulates the body’s natural healing process and accelerates collagen growth. As a result, skin becomes softer and smoother, reducing uneven texture.

What you can look forward to

You may feel a warm, prickly sensation during the treatment and the treated area may appear slightly sunburnt. However this fades soon after. Post-procedure downtime is marginal and side effects, negligible. Cellulite reduces significantly with each session, while your skin steadily becomes noticeably smoother and more even. Your dermatologist is best placed to advise you on follow-up sessions.

As individual skin varies, so does the pace of response. Rest assured, however, that you will see marked improvement. There may be dietary and lifestyle recommendations to support your skin’s defenses against cellulite formation in the future.

 By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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