Meet Our Dermatologists

They understand what makes you unique… and that, in turn, is what makes them unique. Meet the region’s biggest team of dermatologists. Highly qualified and trusted by thousands of customers, they bring you their individual commitment with the collective intelligence of the region’s largest skin clinic. Rest assured, you’re in expert hands.

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  • Dr. Swagata Chakrabarty

    Dr. Swagata Chakrabarty

  • Dr. Amin Darwich

    Dr. Amin Darwich

  • Dr. Oroba

    Dr. Oroba

  • Dr. Rosanne Dalgado

    Dr. Rosanne Dalgado

  • Dr. Sondos Ghoneim

    Dr. Sondos Ghoneim

  • Dr. Mizaj

    Dr. Mizaj

  • Dr. Wasna Deeb

    Dr. Wasna Deeb

  • Dr. Prathyusha Thanuku

    Dr. Prathyusha Thanuku

  • Dr. Eman Tawfik

    Dr. Eman Tawfik

  • Dr. Naiyna Nangia

    Dr. Naiyna Nangia

  • Dr. Kausar

    Dr. Kausar

  • Dr. Rowan Monteiro

    Dr. Rowan Monteiro

  • Dr. Amira El Bably

    Dr. Amira El Bably

  • Dr. Vivek Mehta

    Dr. Vivek Mehta

  • Dr. Fatma

    Dr. Fatma

  • Dr. Alia Al-Ogail

    Dr. Alia Al-Ogail

  • Dr. Rasha Sheta

    Dr. Rasha Sheta

  • Dr. Maha Abouzeid

    Dr. Maha Abouzeid

  • Dr. Mohamed Hakam

    Dr. Mohamed Hakam

  • Dr. Maher Saleh

    Dr. Maher Saleh

  • Dr. Azza

    Dr. Azza

  • Dr. Mansi Mukherjee

    Dr. Mansi Mukherjee

  • Dr. Areeg El Khatib

    Dr. Areeg El Khatib

  • Dr. Vandana Kadam

    Dr. Vandana Kadam

  • Dr. Taysir Jarbouh

    Dr. Taysir Jarbouh

  • Dr. Nasib Khouri

    Dr. Nasib Khouri

  • Dr. Mohamed Dallah

    Dr. Mohamed Dallah

  • Dr. Marian Lourdes

    Dr. Marian Lourdes

  • Dr. Hussein Ahmed

    Dr. Hussein Ahmed

  • Dr. Hanadi Al Salama

    Dr. Hanadi Al Salama

  • Dr. Eman El Gendy

    Dr. Eman El Gendy