It’s always a wonderful feeling to have Kaya take care of your skin. And more so when you consider the special privileges that come with it. Teaming up with select partners, we bring you beautiful opportunities to enjoy greater value than ever. Explore our Privilege Collection to take your pick. There’s always something new, so keep an eye. And do remember to bring in the relevant card or voucher to the clinic.

Valid till 12-11-2020
Valid till 09-12-2020
Valid in till 17-05-2020
Valid in UAE till 29-10-2020
Valid till 02-08-2020
Valid till 24-09-2020
Valid in all countries till 21-01-2020
Valid till 02-02-2020
Valid till 31-01-2020
Valid till 10-09-2020
Valid till 30-05-2020
Valid in all countries 01-11-2020
Valid till 24-05-2020
Valid till 20-05-2020

Step by step. Little by little, rather than all at one go. As it is with any treatment or skin care regime, likewise with a payment plan. We have teamed up with leading banks to offer our customers the privilege of paying over a relaxed 3,6 or 9 months. Beautiful comes easy.

Valid till 20-05-2020