Volite for Skin Rejuvenation

The loss of collagen and elastin is a normal part of your skin’s aging process. This is often accelerated by external elements such as pollution, use of hard water and exposure to the sun’ rays and chemicals, all of which leads to the loss of hyaluronic acid (HA), a key molecule in our natural skin that binds and retains water molecules and as a result keeps your skin youthful and firm.

Research into how our skin works has now made it possible to have treatments that use the natural substances found in our skin to rejuvenate the tissues in the dermis and epidermis to help the skin be supple, firm and glowy.

Volite is one such treatment. An anti-ageing injectable treatment from Juvéderm—the makers of Botox—Volite is a hyaluronic acid treatment that works to rejuvenate and heal your skin from within. It comprises of a sterile pyrogen-free physiological solution of cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) which is not of animal origin.

Volite can be effectively used to address skin aging issues such as

  • fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • loss of hydration and elasticity
  • lip augmentation
  • jawline contouring
  • décolletage smoothening
  • nasolabial fold treatment
How does Volite work?

The filler is administered below a wrinkle or area in which you want your skin rejuvenated. The HA will replenish your skin’s natural healing properties and give you the benefits you seek — a firm, supple and youthful looking skin. As the product contains lidocaine, a pain killer, you should not experience much pain during the treatment. The course of injections typically takes place over a two-week interval depending on how you respond.

As with any filler treatment, Volite too requires a professional to administer the injectable in order to be effective. At Kaya, our dermatologists have both the experience and expertise to rightly administer the correct doses of the drug as well as to choose the most appropriate areas of your skin that will help you achieve the best possible results aesthetically.

What to expect

Volite works by filling out creases and wrinkles, and add more volume to areas such as the lips, jawlines, chins and nasolabial folds. Depending on your skin and the areas of treatment, your dermatologist will recommend what’s best for your skin. The procedure for Volite typically takes anywhere between 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the area treated and the intensity of the treatment.

All dermal fillers, including Volite, have to be administered following a set procedure.  At Kaya, our dermatologists ensure that all procedures are met as per set standards of quality and safety. Your treatment is effectively managed keeping your skin care goals in mind.

Pre-Treatment Care

  • Do inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Tell your doctor if you have a history of excessive scarring (eg, hypertrophic scarring and keloid formations) or pigmentation disorders, as use of these products may result in additional scars or changes in pigmentation.
  • Tell your doctor if you are planning other laser treatments or a chemical peel, as a proper gap needs to be maintained between treatments.
  • Tell your doctor if you are on immunosuppressive therapy used to decrease the body’s immune response.
  • Tell your doctor if you are using medications that can prolong bleeding, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners, as this may result in increased bruising or bleeding at the injection site.

Post-treatment care

You can return to your normal activities almost immediately. If you notice any small raised areas at the injection site, they will disappear within a couple of hours following treatment.

  1. Avoid the use of makeup for 24 hours post the treatment
  2. Avoid extended exposure to the sun, UV rays and temperatures below 0°C — use a scarf or cover your face lightly
  3. Avoid using a sauna or massaging the area for two weeks post the treatment
  4. Sleep face up and do not use any facial products including powders or skin creams
  5. Avoid strenuous exercise or any other activity that can cause you to sweat for 24 hours
  6. Stay off Retin-A for 2 days after treatment, in case you’ve been using it
  7. Keep to a low-salt diet to help avoid swelling
  8. Avoid alcohol before and after treatment

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