Jessner Peel

Understanding Jessner Peel

Delivering a broad spectrum of benefits, the Jessner Peel dries out active acne, reduces acne scarring, smoothens out fine lines and wrinkles, and lightens skin discoloration due to hyperpigmentation. It is also effective for stimulating collagen, refining open pores and rejuvenating sun-damaged skin.

It can be used on non-facial areas as well, making it an effective treatment for acne on the back, chest or arms and for the treatment of in-grown hair.

How it works

A combination of three chemicals, lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, the Jessner Peel is stronger and more aggressive than most superficial peels. It is a medium depth peel, which means it penetrates through the epidermis but not into the dermis. This makes it ideal as a ‘pre-treatment peel’ prior to even deeper and more aggressive treatments.

Lactic acid assists in exfoliation of the skin, Salicylic acid in penetration of the ingredients and Resorcinol in the treatment of acne.

Generally, around 2-5 coats of the peel are applied, followed by a calming mask after the session.

The peel can be repeated at 4 week intervals until the desired effect is achieved.

What to expect

A warm, tingling sensation may be experienced at the time the peel is applied. The skin may then look white and frosted – for a few hours only.

Over the next few days, the skin will appear progressively more inflamed – going from red in colour to brown. This is because the peeling process is underway.(deleted the phrase about inflamed skin as it feels like a repetition from the opening of the para)

The skin will also feel dry and uncomfortable. But once it has peeled way, a glowing complexion will be revealed.

Since the peel penetrates deeper with each coat of solution applied, recovery time increases accordingly as well.

Pre-peel care

  • Do not opt for this peel if allergic to milk, aspirin or onion extract
  • Avoid if skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis are present
  • Avoid using Retinoids from 5 days prior to the peel
  • Avoid opting for this peel if pregnant or lactating
  • Avoid laser treatments, waxing or depilatory creams for 2 weeks prior to the treatment.

Post-peel care

  • Do not apply anything on the face for the first hour
  • After 1 hour apply the recommended skin lubricant and use it every 2 hours to keep the skin moisturized
  • For the first 2 days do not wet the face with hot water, splash cold water if any discomfort
  • For the first 4 days avoid heat or excessive sweating
  • Within a week the peeling process will be done. Avoid applying any makeup till then.
  • Avoid laser treatments, waxing or depilatory creams for 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • For a minimum of a month, apply SPF50 sunscreen regularly.

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