Wedding Planning Stressing you out? Let your skin tell a different story!

 Pick up the perfect wedding dress, finalize a venue, hire caterers and decorators, send out invites, go cake-tasting… your wedding to-do list seems bigger than a phone book right now and as you get closer to D-Day, your anxiety levels shoot through the roof. Naturally, every bride wants to look magnificent on the most magical day of her life but all that wedding planning stress is bound to take a toll on you and especially on your skin. Yes, it’s true! Stress can affect your hormonal balance which in turn can lead to every bride’s worst nightmare in the form of pesky breakouts, infuriating rashes and those dreaded dark circles around eyes. In the midst of planning your dream wedding, reality can hit you hard.

Sure you can hire the best bridal makeup artist for your big day and paint over those flaws. But with all the other events in the lead up to your wedding and the honeymoon after, is ‘concealing’ really the best solution?

Let radiant skin walk you down the aisle.

Every bride wants to look picture perfect on her wedding day and every picture-perfect memory has one thing in common – flawless skin. Nowhere’s the thing. Beauty can radiate through your skin only when it’s all natural. Your makeup should enhance, not conceal! In fact, your skin should provide the perfect base for that designer makeup you’ve set your heart on.

It’s so easy to get it all wrong! For instance you might be tempted to ditch your skincare routine while ticking off every other item on your wedding to-do list. Or you might just go into overdrive, scrubbing and slathering with unnecessary vigour. But what you really needs is some tender love and expert skin care to look its best on your wedding day.

Found the perfect partner yet?

 No! It’s not hubby-to-be we’re referring to. We know he’s already the reason behind your pre-bridal glow. But maintaining and enhancing that glow requires professional intervention like skin care specialist. No matter what the present condition of your skin may be, if you take the necessary measures to ensure your skin receives only quality care all the way up to your special day, the experience will be rewarding. And that’s why it’s important to choose the right partner to care for your skin.

Understanding comes with time.

Everybody’s skin deserves the best… and as a bride, you deserve a little more. So don’t settle for that hour-long skin care routine at a salon or a day-long skin therapy session at a spa. You need a scientifically drawn up plan… and you’ve got to stick with it. The good news is, the region’s largest pool of expert dermatologists is here to help. They have poured years of skin care experience into developing bespoke bridal skin care services. At Kaya, your dermatologist will personalize your program and work with you to ensure that your skin handles all the excitement beautifully.

Yes, it takes two to tango.

 Skin problems are your skin’s way of asking for attention and at Kaya, we give your skin just the right type and amount of care. By conducting an initial analysis of your skin and lifestyle, our dermatologist will recommend the most appropriate treatment to protect and enhance your skin. However, it can only work when you do your bit.

The best foundation for makeup is clean and clear skin. Take it from your favorite celebrities who manage to look ravishing both with and without makeup. Sadly, pimples can defeat the purpose of even the most effective makeup products and give you a flawed bridal appearance. Did you just let out a scream imagining a flaming red pimple getting comfortable between your perfectly-shaped brows on the eve of your wedding? By opting for Kaya advanced pimple free treatment at least six months before your big day, you can throw your worries out the window. Experience complete freedom from clogged pores and oiliness and let your skin feel refreshed with improved levels of circulation. The end result? Just what you were looking for – unadulterated bridal beauty.

Now about those trips around town for trials and tastings. A lot of sun exposure there. We’re now looking at dullness and pigmentation spots. Walking down the aisle with those spots is an outright no-no. Thankfully, pigmentation therapy in the form of Kaya skin lightening miracles will help erase – or at least minimize them – in time.

If you’ve suffered from acne all through your teens and the scars it left behind are just a reminder of how it made you feel, the revolutionary Kaya acne scar repair will make it all a rapidly fading memory. Bask in the glory of a clean and clear complexion and make way for that much anticipated bridal glow.

There can be more to that glow than just love.

 In the days leading up to your wedding, your skin is going to ask for much more to help maintain your bridal glow. The Kaya clarity peel treatment has been especially crafted to deal with the dullness that casts itself over super-stressed skin. So enhance your bridal beauty by booking a session with our experts a few days before your big day and say hello to radiant, glowing skin.

If you thought your already beautiful skin couldn’t get any better, the Kaya Glow treatment will add that extra touch of radiance. This combination treatment includes skin polishing and brightening, a deep cleanse, rehydration and ends with the application of specifically chosen Kaya advanced formulations for your skin. Designed to eliminate dead skin cells and refresh your skin like never before. Follow up with a monthly Kaya glow treatment to maintain that heightened bridal radiance.

Take the smoother, silkier road ahead.

 If your wedding day is all you can think of, we’re here to remind you about that relaxing honeymoon waiting for you and your partner. But the image of messy hair removal creams, excruciating hot wax and those painful cuts your razor leaves behind can take all the romance out of lover’s paradise. So why not opt for a hassle-free hair removal solution instead? Kaya has a host of advanced laser treatments such as Kaya Ultima. Not only does it give you smooth, glowing skin instantly by getting rid of body hair, it also promises the longest delay in hair regrowth between sessions. At the end of 4 – 5 sessions, you can bid farewell to unwanted body hair for good. Beach resort honeymoons, breezy vacation dresses… you get the picture!

Love is for eternity and so is your bridal glow.

 It’s natural to put away your bridal skincare routine along with your wedding dress. But then you don’t want the magic to fade away, do you! At Kaya, your expert dermatologist will help you with an after-care regime as well as an ongoing treatment plan that suits your needs.

So let the celebrations begin. This is the beginning of the most beautiful days of your life!

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