Know Your Skin, Hair & Body

It helps to be the biggest team of dermatologists in the region, looking after millions of customers. We gain a wealth of insight into everything skin, hair and body, which we’re happy to share with you. Scroll right through for what matters most to you. It’s science made simple. Ageing is a natural process of your skin. But, is your skin reflecting your true age or is it ageing faster? Take our quiz to find out!

  • Brighten Up! We’re Going To Deal With Pigmentation.


    Brighten Up! We’re Going To Deal With Pigmentation Keeping a close eye on signs of skin ageing? Frown lines and crow’s feet are not the only indicators to watch out for. As the years roll by, the youthful, even-toned look begins to fade, and time begins to cast a shadow over beautiful skin. Ever so…

  • Do you have FOFO?


    “No, it can’t be.” Rita’s heart began to sink and her mind went into a spin. As a bead of cold sweat trickled down her back, her anxious fingers returned that spot where, under the soft skin, lay the beginning of a slightly harder spot. Ever so tiny, yet there. Challenging her. Demanding urgently that…


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