‘Follow your Nose’

If there is one body part in the human body that has many idioms, proverbs and famous quotes from noteworthy individuals to its name, it has to be the nose. Such is the importance of the nose, not just as a sensory organ but it also has a prominent role to play in our looks as well. In this blog, we are going to explore everything to do with the nose – what is its job, why we have to steer clear of ‘crooked noses’ and how it can be done. Let’s get sniffing.

The job description that a nose has in the human body is not an easy one. It has several tasks and providing the olfactory sense of smell which is important for taste, identification and memory is just one of the many. The nose helps to humidify and clean the air that we breathe. It also helps to deliver tone to our voice. But none of this is going to be easy if we have a ‘crooked nose’.

The deviation of the septum is what makes a regular nose, a crooked one.  The septum is the thin wall between the nasal passages and for reasons mostly unknown, the population at large has some deviation on their septum. Even if it is by a small degree, the Mayo Clinic reports that this percentage of population is as high as 70 – 80%. So how does 7 or 8 out of every 10 people in the world live with a deviated septum?

Risks of having a deviated septum

Depending on the severity of the deviation, one might be looking at blockage of one or both nostrils in a worst case scenario making breathing a difficult task. Continued cold or allergies, nosebleeds and even sinus infections are also common amongst people who have a deviated septum. If you have experienced a noisy sleep, that again could be the result of an uneven nose. Beyond all this, an uneven nose is very visible to anyone looking at you and it is probably the first thing that anyone sitting across you will notice as well. It can deter your confidence levels and make you more conscious of your looks and overall appearance. And if you think you have your nose in the air, take a hard look at the mirror, or better check with your physician. But the best part is yet to come and it is right under your nose – Kaya Skin Clinic and their Rhinoplasty procedure.

Basic Understanding of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, more popularly known as a nose job, is a type of plastic surgery that reshapes your nose to improve your appearance or to fix medical problems that interfere with how you breathe. Rhinoplasty can help alter the length, the shape and even the size of your nose. In other words, you can comfortably say that rhinoplasty helps you ‘customise’ your nose to your liking. It is a dream-come-true solution for most and for the same reason, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the world, let alone the UAE.

A nose job can be done on anyone who is more than fifteen years of age. By then, the cartilage and the bones of the nose would have stopped growing. Rhinoplasty procedures are of three types.

Open Rhinoplasty is the most common of them all and most extensively performed surgery as well. Detailed nose reshaping can be achieved through open rhinoplasty where vertical incisions are made on the skin of your nose in order to separate the nostrils.

For minor nose reshaping, Closed Rhinoplasty would be the choice made by the surgeon. The incisions made in this procedure helps the skin to be separated from the bone and cartilage. The exposed bone and cartilage is then reshaped, removed, rearranged, or augmented to achieve the new desired shape.

The third procedure is called Secondary Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty. This is rarely used and is performed when a problem persists from a previous nose surgery. Secondary rhinoplasty can also be done as an open or closed procedure.

Kaya and Rhinoplasty

Kaya Skin Clinic has been in the novel business of augmenting one’s beauty for more than twenty years now. Still running strong with more than 350,000 customers as its patrons, Kaya has earned its rightful position as the most preferred go to skin and beauty clinic for the Emiratis and the Expats alike.

Rhinoplasty is by no means an easy procedure. It takes the hands of the best rhinoplasty surgeons who are experienced, highly skilled and are professional in their approach, to execute a good nose job. And that is where Kaya Skin Clinic and their team comes in. The counselling that is given prior to the surgery explains what you are signing up for, what is realistically achievable from the nose job, what are the effects of the surgery on your overall health, what diet and supplements you need to take pre and post surgery, how to care for your nose et al, in detail thus making sure you are comfortable with the whole process from the word go.

What happens in the procedure?

Rhinoplasty takes up to 3 hours of surgery time which in other words means that you can go home the same day. You will be administered local or general anaesthesia as the case may be and hence, you will not feel any pain during the entire length of the surgery.

If it is a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes an incision on the inside of your nostrils whereas in an open rhinoplasty, they would be making an incision across the base of your nose. The skin that covers the underlying nasal bones and cartilage is then raised. Later, depending on the requirement, the surgeon reduces, adds or rearranges the underlying bones and cartilage to create a new shape or fix the deviated septum. Once the desired outcome is achieved, the skin is put back in place using small stitches.

What’s in it for you?

Beyond helping you get your breathing right and to subdue your sinus related problems, Rhinoplasty has a far bigger function – to improve your self esteem. Infact , a nose job is taken up by most to improve their looks and to elevate their self confidence. There are published studies as well which statistically proves that the patients who completed a successful surgery had a significant jump in their confidence.

Being the physical centre of your face, it is one of the first things people notice. So if there is a bump on your nose or it is a bit deviated, it can put the features of your face off balance. But a simple, safe rhinoplasty procedure will help you break free from the insecurities that you have about your looks. Also, the newly achieved self worth that you are experiencing post the nose job translates as improved performance at work as well.

On a concluding note, rhinoplasty is for anyone who wants to have a better, perfect face, irrespective of their age or gender. And, a perfect face starts with a perfect nose. Without an iota of doubt, you can take Kaya Skin Clinic into confidence to get the best Rhinoplasty done, through their 23 Clinics across the UAE.

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