At Kaya, we believe your genes don’t have to define the way you look. You do. Drawing on our expertise in understanding the dynamics of your skin, we now empower you with a whole new level of confidence to embrace aesthetic surgery and all its wonderful possibilities.

As the region’s most highly regarded skin clinic, you can trust us to deliver the best. You are assured of a team of world-class surgeons, who have delivered top-notch outcomes over the years, and an experience that’s reassuringly Kaya, every step of your journey—from consultation to aftercare.

Why Plastic Surgery Solutions with Kaya?

With Plastic Surgery Solutions you can be assured of:

  • Safety
    We offer experienced surgeons, who possess extensive local and international experience and have collectively conducted over 20,000 cosmetic surgeries. Strict safety protocols such as thorough preoperative evaluation, detailed informed consent and perioperative procedures are carried out. Our doctors also take the time to answer all your questions and address your concerns.
  • Efficacy
    For results that look natural and lasting, surgeons need more than just training, experience and certification. They need the artistic insight to create optimal results. Kaya’s team of surgeons are redefining plastic surgery outcomes by
    deploying the principles of artistry along with the latest and most advanced technology to create results that look absolutely natural.
  • Uncompromising care
    From the surgical team right through to post care at Kaya we follow a client-centric approach with uncompromising standards of safety and diligence to ensure that you undergo no trauma, no prolonged suffering from pain and heal quickly.

Kaya Plastic Surgery Solutions

  • Liposuction
    This is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of your body including the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, chin, back, flanks (love handles), chest, and breast. The procedure also
    shapes these areas enabling you to gain a well-contoured body. You can also get the desired 6 pack abs or contoured look with High Definition Liposuction.
  • Tummy tuck
    Tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin and fat that gathers in the front of the stomach area which causes your stomach to look flabby. A tummy tuck helps build a firmer mid-riff post weight loss. It also helps in post-pregnancy rejuvenation for women who have lost weight and skin elasticity in their stomach.
  • Breast Enhancement
    Breast Enhancement surgeries for women help in achieving beautiful breast transformations, closer to your liking. Enhancement can be achieved through Augmentation (silicone implants/ fat transfer), Breast Lift, Reduction or even Reconstruction. Due to its very nature, it requires sensitive handling and a thorough understanding of expectations. With Kaya Aesthetic Surgeries, we offer Breast Enhancement with specialized surgical expertise which ensures natural-looking results.
  • Hair transplant
    Combining surgical expertise with advanced technology, your concerns about hair loss can be addressed with a hair transplant. Our doctors can guide you on the most suitable techniques or a combination of techniques for your hair to be restored on your scalp, or even for your eyebrows, eyelashes or a beard. We use state-of-the-art robots that help identify and select the most viable hair for harvesting while preventing damage to the existing healthy hair.
  • Rhinoplasty
    This form of cosmetic surgery concerns your nose, and therefore has to be handled with precision as it is a key part of your facial structure. Whether you choose it for aesthetic or health reasons, we have both the right expertise and procedures to ensure great results.
  • Blepharoplasty
    Blepharoplasty involves the surgical removal of excess fat or skin from upper and lower eyelids. Also called eyelid surgery, it helps you treat sagging and drooping skin, wrinkles and fine lines.

Other Solutions

We also offer a whole range of other aesthetic surgical solutions to ensure that you look your optimal best, including surgical lesion removal, earlobe stitching or earlobe reconstruction, cleft lip correction, brow lift, forehead lift and maxillofacial surgery

When should you consider plastic surgery?

  • Rejuvenate your appearance – Whether it is due to genetics or due to the natural aging process, all of us have areas in our body that we like to change. Aesthetic surgery can be very effective in reversing any unwanted signs of aging or for contouring your body, helping you gain higher levels of confidence.
  • Say goodbye to excess and stubborn fat – Your search for an aesthetically pleasing physique ends here. You can now get rid of excess skin or fat with our range of body contouring procedures.
  • Embrace bold beauty- Beauty is getting bolder the world over. Women and men are now confident about taking beauty into their own hands by opting for aesthetic beauty procedures. Whether it is opting for various body sculpting treatments like a slim waistline, nose or boob job or seeking anti-aging skin and hair treatments there is a greater acceptance of having beauty procedures performed on oneself.

What can you look forward to?

Your plastic surgeon will walk you through the different procedures that can help in addressing your specific need. This will include discussing the expected outcome, pros and cons of the surgery, appearance of scars, recovery time, costs and the procedure itself. While plastic surgery helps erase the past, there will be some post-surgery work to ensure you maintain the results achieved.


What are the factors to consider while you choose where to do your plastic surgery? 

The most important factors to consider while deciding where to do your plastic surgery should include:

  • The surgeon, his qualifications, and their experience
  • The clinic and the overall safety assurance offered
  • Results delivered by the surgeon (before and after pictures)
  • The information received during the consultation, pre and post care protocols followed, the confidence and comfort level with the surgeon and the trust on the brand and the doctor

We offer a team of expert surgeons; who provide pre-surgical consultations to discuss your needs,  evaluate your goals and understand your desired results. Likewise, during the consultation, we examine individual factors, such as your age, size, unique body type and overall health.

Will I require multiple surgeries to be performed?

This depends on the procedure and the final goals you wish to achieve. While some procedures may require only one surgery, some may require a follow-up session or surgeries conducted over phases. Generally, enhancement surgeries like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and facelifts do not require further procedures unless there is a complication or dissatisfaction.  It is best to openly discuss your end goals and expectations with your plastic surgeon who will assist you with the best aesthetic surgical solution possible.

What are the major complications of plastic surgery?

Some common complications are swelling, bruising, scar tissue formation, and water retention. Major complications of the surgery, although rare, might be hematoma, blood loss, infection, seroma formation, and scarring. At Kaya, we ensure that all pre and post-surgery precautions are executed to ensure a smooth surgery and recovery process. Our complication rate trend over the years has been less than 0.8%. Your surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain medication to help minimize any discomfort.

How many pre-op appointments will be needed?

The number of pre-op appointments will vary depending upon your choice of procedure. These appointments majorly cover a review of your medical history followed by ‘before’ surgery photos. If you are opting for an implant, this is the time when the surgeon determines the implant size, style and volume. Depending upon the kind of surgery, pre-op might include certain medical tests. On an average, each consultation session can last anywhere between 1-3 hours.

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