It’s much more than a mood elevator

Age is just a number, but when it keeps racking up like an elevator display, you wish you could press the stop button and smile a clever smile. It’s only natural. Even as you move up in life, achieving ever greater goals, your skin goes through the same pressures as you do, which makes it lose its youthful firmness, sometimes quicker than you age.

Now, what if you could reverse it all over lunchtime? Read on, over a sandwich. It’s all pleasant 🙂

Lift the years off your face.

Face-lift surgery? No thank you. The last thing you want is strife with the knife. Thankfully, there are now other non-invasive options that deliver visible results with enduring firmness that grows from within. Such as the revolutionary kaya non-surgical lift. It’s the perfect option for those looking for a natural yet unmistakable improvement in their looks. And the only side-effect is the boost of confidence. The underlying technique, which our dermatologists augment with their proprietary expertise, is called threadlift. This minimally invasive procedure reverses age-related sagging without a surgical incision or removing skin or muscle mass, as is the case with traditional face lifts.

Marvellous micro-threads

Riddle time. What do you call a procedure that uses surgical sutures but is not surgery? Non-surgical lift. It makes innovative use of absorbable, single-strand, sterile medical sutures made from Polidioxanone (PDO), which is considered safe even for major procedures such as heart surgeries. These micro-threads are completely reabsorbed by the body within six to eight months. So you don’t have to worry about them ever again. But you need to be a little patient because although you’ll see a positive effect immediately, the collagen takes about a month to build up. And that’s when the ‘wow’ takes shape and full results make their impact.

Elevating skin fitness.

This isn’t just an aesthetic fix; this is about restoring youthful elasticity to your skin. Amazing things happen as expert dermatologists insert mini-threads into the hypodermis (the uppermost layer of your skin).Micro-circulation begins to improve. Renewed circulation enhances oxygenation in the treated areas, which brightens the skin (and your outlook). These mini-threads are made of the same materials used in surgery to close wounds. Their mission is to create a framework that encourages regeneration of cells and enhances collagen synthesis for about 6 months.

As these threads tighten the loose and sagging areas of the skin, beating the effects of both time and gravity, they hold the skin firmly up. much like the suspension cables of a bridge! (Which partly explains how this treatment physically restores youthful contour to your face) Art meets science as finishing touches are added with the help of Botox® and fillers for that subtly sculpted look. The doctor may follow up with Plasma therapy and dermaroller, about two weeks after the procedure. These combinations enhance the results of the core thread lift treatment with hydration and rejuvenation.

As with any form of fitness, maintenance matters. Depending on an individual’s general health and lifestyle, the effect of a non-surgical lift lasts 8 to 10 months – by which time the age related loss of collagen will make another treatment necessary. In the case of advanced threads, results may last a maximum of two years with a retouch after three months as required.

Now, now, this won’t hurt.

Really. The closest you’d come to any sort of pain is a superficial pricking sensation, as light as in acupuncture. An anaesthetic cream is applied. That’s it, as far as the basic technique goes. In the case of advanced procedures, injectable local anaesthetics may be used. While that’s the best bit of non-surgical lifts, there’s another compelling reason to choose this treatment over conventional methods: it involves minimal side-effects, allergies or rejections.

Take the “Lunchtime lift”. After which, you could take the stairs!

The procedure should take about an hour, so you could actually drop in for a ‘lunchtime lift’, which means no timeouts for recuperation needed. There may be a little bit of inflammation bit nothing more. Recovery time is limited to a few hours in basic threads while in advanced threads the time is extended from 3 days to a week depending on the number, site and level of placement. The number of threads and sessions needed will depend on the quality of your skin. And your lifestyle will determine the frequency of the service that you need.

40 is the new 30. Here’s how.

Slowly but surely, the non-surgical lift is gaining in popularity and with very good reason. It achieves visible improvement in the classic telltale areas. The lifting effect addresses jaw lines, face contour and the stubborn double chin. It also achieves augmentation – restoring youthfulness to the cheeks, and does a great job with body tightening as in arms, abdomen and love handles.

So there you have it then. To look and feel a decade younger, simply lift your phone and make a call!

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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