It’s faster. It’s smoother. It’s painless. And it’s here at Kaya!

She said it took up too much of her time. She said the hair grew back too quickly. She said it hurt too much. No, she didn’t find excuses to avoid it. She only wished for something better… something she didn’t have to rearrange her entire schedule for, something that kept the hair off her body for longer and something that didn’t cause her pinching discomfort. So we set out in search of the answer and to her luck, we found it! It’s all she could have asked for. But when we powered it with our dermatological expertise, it was much more than what we asked for. We wanted to stand up and applaud. And so we did!

Rolling out our third and latest generation of laser hair removal – kaya ultima. It is certainly our favourite and we’re sure it will be yours, too. We call it our most advanced laser yet. You could say it’s the answer to your wish.

Powerful and brilliant technology: Decoded

So what makes kaya ultima a superior laser technology? Dr. Olfa Fahem from the kaya skin clinic team says, “It gets rid of body hair in the quickest, smoothest and most painless way possible.” Yes, it sure does. Ask our brilliant therapists who’ve performed numerous laser sessions, or our customers who’ve been blown away with the experience, and they’ll have the same tale to tell. kaya ultima definitely offers three clear advantages over any other laser hair removal treatment.

One. Tick, tock, ti.. Done! It’s faster.

Want to get your legs ready for that lovely dress you’ve been waiting to wear? But don’t want to spend 3 hours under a laser beam? Then you must give kaya ultima a try. A session for the legs takes only 45 minutes only instead of 3 hours! How? Well, for starters, it’s the highest-energy hair removal system yet. It’s engineered to target larger areas with a single beam and it leaves skin feeling smoother in a single pass. Dr. Fahem says, “kaya ultima takes almost one third the time other laser hair removal systems take.” So while your legs can go hair-free in 45 minutes, your underarms will get done in 15 minutes flat.

Two. Your skin stays smooth for looong between sessions.

When you shave, the hair grows back in two days. When you wax it regrows in around a week. Even when using ordinary lasers, regrowth could take anywhere from three to four weeks between sessions for hair to surface again. “With kaya ultima, you could be looking at a long break of six to eight weeks between sessions,” says Dr. Fahem. Amazing, isn’t it? What’s even more amazing is the science behind it. The laser pulse penetrates deep into your skin and directs heat to the hair root, delaying regrowth for the longest period ever between sessions. So you’ll be hair free for up to two months between sessions!

Three. No more discomfort! kaya ultima is truly painless.

Kaya ultima can melt away all those feelings of discomfort. With its special cryogen-based Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), you’ll feel a cooling sensations down to the epidermal layer of skin instead of a heat rush, ensuring the highest levels of comfort.

On the number of sessions required, Dr. Fahem says, “You would need 3 to 6 sessions, or a couple more depending on your skin colour, coarseness of hair, area of the body being treated, underlying health conditions and gender.” It’s an individual thing. So when you meet with a kaya dermatologist, she will draw up just the treatment plan you need after a consultation and patch test.

The myth v/s the truth

A laser so advanced, it seems like we’ve brought it straight out of the portals of the future. And as with any new technology, there’s always an ocean of myths surrounding it. So what’s right and what’s wrong? Read ahead. Where we bust some common laser myths for good.

 The myth: Laser hair removal is unsafe.

The truth: The technologies we use at kaya are US FDA approved. People look at laser as a high intensity heat treatment and hence consider it unsafe. In fact, lasers are concentrated light of low intensity and are completely safe.

The myth: Laser hair removal can cause more hair to grow.

The truth: Lasers destroy hair follicles. They do not cause new ones to grow. And without new follicles, you won’t have to worry about laser causing more hair to grow.

The myth: Laser hair removal exposes you to radiation.

 The truth: We know where that’s coming from. Lasers do not emit radiation. X-rays do. Lasers and X-rays are two worlds apart. Laser hair removal systems are built to target hair at its root. The beam does not penetrate deep enough and nor is it intense enough to cause any damage to your internal organs or cause cancer.

The myth: Laser hair removal treatments are super expensive.

The truth: A lifetime of waxing or shaving on one hand. A couple of laser sessions on the other. Do the math! Sure, advanced treatments performed by skilled hands cost relatively more. But if you consider the razors, creams, wax and wax strips you might need to use in the long run, you will be cutting back on a lot of time and money with laser.

 Well, there are a lot of laser technologies out there that may not live up to its promises. Fortunately for you, our dermatologists have decoded kaya ultima, which will transform the way you feel about lasers. Here’s what some of our recent kaya ultima customers have to say.

 “kaya ultima is undoubtedly the best laser experience I’ve had. While I was mentally preparing myself for the pain with my eyes tightly shut, the session was already complete. I didn’t feel a thing. And the hair… it was gone.” – Sarah M.  

 “My friends told me lasers work slowly and painfully. But with kaya ultima, I was in for a surprise. 15 minutes is all it took for a session for the underarms. And it was absolutely painless.” – Rachel R.    

 “When I got to know that kaya ultima delays hair regrowth for the longest period ever between sessions, I wanted to check for myself. A long gap of eight weeks between two main sessions… it was indeed smoother for longer.” – Fatima S.    

 So are you ready to get rid of body hair for good? As quickly as possible? Without the pain? And with long breaks between sessions? With kaya ultima, your wish for the most advanced laser has been granted.


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