Take charge.

Feeling good in your own skin. Is that harder than it looks? Or easier than it sounds? Well that depends on the state your skin is in. And it could make all the difference in a competitive world where you live under social and professional scrutiny, knowing you’re being evaluated from every possible angle. Considering that power dressing begins with great skin, you’re under pressure to literally make every cell perform at peak.

Self image begins with the mirror.

Self image drives the way you feel, which in turn drives the way you respond to your environment. The world around you takes it on from there. Let’s take a closer look at self image. To be sure, it is shaped by a host of factors – a complex algorithm drawn from your emotions, associations and experiences. However when we perceive the term in the literal sense, a universal truth reveals itself – self image begins with what you see when you face yourself in the mirror. It grows from the self-talk or the conversation you have with yourself in that moment when you face your skin.

#faceyourskin. How does it make you feel?

Every stage of life brings its own set of skin issues – from teen Acne and Acne Scars to resurgent acne acting up in adulthood that causes you to hide behind makeup, and never let you flaunt your skin.

Hectic lifestyles show up on your skin as Dark Circles, those telltale signs of sleep deprivation as you juggle work, family, friends and finding time for your favourite hobby or interests.

Those fun weekends at the beach or long hours in the sun leave their mark on your skin, resulting in pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

There could be a lot else going on that makes you shy away from flaunting great skin with confidence. However, don’t let any of this get you down. It’s not the end of the world, nor the end of great skin either… it’s just your skin keeping track of your lifestyle. And although every stage of life comes with its own skin care challenges, there are ways to deal with them beautifully and effectively. #faceyourskin with answers. Expert help can put control beautifully into your hands.

 #faceyourskin with confidence

The region’s largest team of expert dermatologists is at hand with the talent, techniques and technology to tackle all your skin concerns and keep you looking your fabulous, confident best. They bring science and beauty together with their unique problem-solving insights gained over years of clinical practice. From the latest leaps in lasers to deep scientific work in stem cell therapy, they have at hand an ever-growing variety of approaches to help you #faceyourskin with confidence.

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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