Lift the years off your face. Let time try catching up!

They say age is just a number. They say it’s all in your mind. But with each decade-long milestone that passes you by, the changes that stare right back at you in the mirror can’t be ignored. Fine lines gradually turn into wrinkles. Firmness gives way to a softer profile. It’s only natural. As time and gravity catch up, you begin to wonder if you can turn back.

What if we told you, you could? Imagine this! You can regain your skin’s youthful appearance in 30 minutes flat. Without surgery. Without downtime. Wondering how? Read on.

Make way. The latest in anti-ageing technology is here.

If you thought only those brave enough to go under the knife were privileged to have anti-ageing reversals, Silhouette Soft gives you a reason to think again. This non-invasive treatment delivers the visible results of a facelift without the hassle of surgery. Yes, you read right! You can welcome back that youthful firmness without incisions. Silhouette Soft redefines facial contours, lifts the lower jaw, and adds volume to the cheek and cheekbones. It makes sagging and wrinkles a thing of the past. But that’s not all. 30 minutes is all it takes for the procedure after which you can see immediate results. We’re still not done! As the weeks and months go by, you will continue to notice improvements in skin elasticity and firmness, and a further reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. All this for up to 18 months after the treatment. Now that’s more like it!

The treatment makes innovative use of polylactic acid (PLA) sutures with tiny bidirectional thread cones, which firmly lift and hold your skin up. Beat that, gravity! This all-natural component is biocompatible and gets re-absorbed by your body within a few months. Also, it’s been in use for several years in numerous medical applications, and has proven its worth. To sum up, Silhouette Soft is immediate, and works with nature rather than against it.

One treatment. Two results.

Do you know what causes skin ageing? It’s the loss of collagen. Remember how your skin bounced back when it was pinched and released? That was collagen at work (at its best). This protein is responsible for the elasticity and regeneration of skin tissue. But as you get older, it diminishes and can no longer do its job as effectively. This brings about every woman’s worst nightmare in the form of volume loss, sagging skin and wrinkles. But that’s not the end of youthful skin as you know it. A little push is all collagen needs to behave like its younger self again. And that’s what the Silhouette Soft double action does. You see, when it comes to other anti-ageing solutions, you can either restore volume by means of fillers, or you can use an invasive intervention to tighten skin. But with Silhouette Soft you can get both results in one. Here’s how that happens.

A suture is cleverly and painlessly inserted just below the skin’s surface during a 30-minute procedure. This causes the tissue to compress. That’s step one, after which your doctor will apply slight pressure over the treated area to elevate and smoothen out your skin. This gives you the first result – an immediate lift effect, which is discreet yet distinct enough for you to notice. The second result is the regenerative effect which occurs progressively and naturally through the process of re-absorption of the component as it restores the collagen you’ve lost. The polylactic acid works on your skin from the inside out, adding more definition to your features, and increasing volume for up to 18 months after the procedure. Your dermatologist might recommend a combination of Botox® and Fillers to bring out the best in your skin.

No pain… Only gain!

Silhouette Soft doesn’t hurt at all. A local anaesthetic is used before the procedure begins, so you can rest assured your comfort is not compromised with in any way. Well, there might be slight swelling after the procedure but it’s nothing that won’t disappear quickly. Let’s look at it this way. There’s so much to gain from Silhouette Soft. One. The results are immediate. You could call it a 30-minute miracle. Two. It’s all natural. Helps the “nothing artificial for me” philosophy. Three. The component is fully re-absorbable. So you don’t have to worry about any short-term or long-term discomfort. Four. There’s no downtime involved. Five. Youthful skin is back!

A subtle skin lift. A huge confidence lift.

We must prepare you for a couple of after-effects. Such as an admiring gaze which lingers that little bit longer. Your healthier, younger-looking skin will invite many compliments, too. But the best part is when you look at yourself in the mirror and notice the lift in your jaw line, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in facial contour, and your newly-found boost in confidence. So there you go. If looking younger without the hassle of surgery is on your wish-list, go ahead, make that call for an appointment, and say the magic words, “Silhouette Soft”.

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