Body-fat can be stubborn. There comes a point when no amount of diet or exercise can dislodge those unsightly little bulges that need to go, in order to reveal perfect contour.

Recent developments have taken shape as non-surgical, non-invasive treatments with fat dissolution and skin tightening capabilities to help customers in their quest for perfection.


Cooltech is a prime solution in this genre and is based on a technology called Cryolipolysis(Cryotherapy). As the term suggests, the fundamental approach consists of applying low temperature to fat in order to deactivate it totally, without affecting the overlying skin.

Using ergonomically designed applicators, Cooltech freezes, destroys and eliminates fat tissue from the problem area, while still being completely safe and non-invasive. This technology is most effective when used for reducing a double chin, or removing girth on the abdominal region, thighs, arms, back and inner knees, or eliminating love handles and sub-buttocks.

Only mildly painful, this treatment has no downtime. The results are stable and long term, provided a healthy diet and exercise regimen is followed.

Fat cells or adipocytes, are vulnerable to temperature changes. The system works by selectively cooling fatty tissue and freezing it to cause the unwanted fat cells to die; while protecting the skin, nerves, muscles and other tissues in the area.

Two applicators, each with its own temperature control and suction, are applied to two areas in each session. Each of these can be regulated independently, allowing for multiple body areas to be treated simultaneously.

With the Cooltech technology applicator, controlled freezing is delivered in the targeted area. Subcutaneous fat cells are targeted with this vacuum applicator which encapsulates the cells, freezes them, ruptures them and releases the fat.

The released fat is eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system over the period of a few weeks, causing visible changes in the thickness of the fat layer.

The first few minutes may be accompanied by a mild painful or prickling sensation, but the discomfort will soon reduce as the skin gets numbed with the cold. No pain-killers are required unless you have a very low threshold for pain.

The area of treatment will look slightly reddish and bruised, but as the area is massaged gently after the applicator is removed, the redness settles.

Due to the gradual reduction of the fat layer, there will be visible changes within 15 days of the treatment. The results will be dramatic after around 8 weeks and will be perfectly sustainable with a normal, healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Depending on your area of concern, and the contouring needed, your dermatologist will recommend Cooltech in combination with several other technologies and treatments to deliver the optimum results. This would be part of a holistic approach that includes dietary advice.

  • For 24 hours before the treatment avoid cosmetic creams and topical treatments
  • For 24 hours before the treatment avoid medication, like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory formulations that increase the risk of bleeding
  • Avoid alcohol
  • For 24 hours after the treatment avoid cosmetic creams and topical treatments
  • For 24 hours after the treatment avoid hot showers, saunas, Jacuzzi tubs, massages and swimming pools
  • For 48 hours after the treatment avoid intense physical activity
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid carbohydrates and heavy meals on the day of the treatment

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