Understanding Skin Glow treatment with Accura Machine

With the evolution of skin care technology and the deep learning we have gained at Kaya, we bring science and beauty together into a range of face therapies that help you look good and feel fabulous.

The Accura machine is an instance where technology lends a hand, helping deliver faster, more efficacious results.  It plays a key role in delivering facial treatments for cleansing, hydration, and dealing with oily and sensitive skin. It also delivers blue light to treat active acne. It is invaluable in skin firming and anti-ageing treatments.

Accura employs 4 synergistic techniques to get maximum results: High Frequency, Lifting, Electroporation and Thermal HF. Let’s get closer to the skin and understand what goes on.

High Frequency: Ozone produced by high frequency currents, creates vasodilation (widening of blood vessels). The enhanced blood supply stimulates dull skin and acts like a tonic to brighten it up. Ozone also has a bactericidal and germicidal effect that’s greatly beneficial for oily skin. It also soothes skin that is irritated or needs post-depilation care.

Lifting: This technique rejuvenates the skin by combining the effects of micro-currents, massage and cosmetics. Micro-currents produce micro-stimulation and neuro-stimulation by acting on the cells and microstructures. The massage relaxes nerves and stress.

Thermal AF: This technique stimulates blood circulation by applying heat. It promotes the formation of a richer network of capillaries in tissue, for better oxygenation and nourishment. It also increases absorption of fluids and waste products.

Electroporation with Gel Mask: A medium frequency current is applied in order to get active substances to penetrate deep into skin. The anti-wrinkle gel mask, connected to electrodes, is a neuromuscular inhibitor that mimics the toxic botulism effect ( more familiar as Botox® ) and prevents contraction of the facial muscles. The anti-pigment mask inhibits melanin synthesis. In addition to antioxidant properties it stimulates the generation of collagen. The hydration mask promotes the moisture retentive power of skin, while the oil skin balance mask delivers anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.

Additionally, Accura is used to deliver Blue Light therapy to help control active acne by combating the bacterial activity within. Here’s how it works. Visible blue light, of wavelength in the 407 and 420 nanometre range. The bacteria have pigments in their protective cell membranes that resonate at those frequencies. These pigments break down the membrane, eventually killing the bacteria.

(source: https://www.facingacne.com/blue-light-treatment-acne-safe-effective/)

Working on multiple fronts, from anti-pigmentation action to rejuvenation, the Accura machine forms an important part of a comprehensive skin glow solution that fundamentally tones and stimulates skin to be its brightest best.

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