Your epidermis—the outermost layer of your skin—which serves to protect your body against the absorption of harmful substances is also the most vulnerable to damage. Environmental damage due to exposure to harmful UV rays coupled with chemical damage from a wide variety of products can leave your skin looking dull and tired. Fortunately, there are several scientifically backed skin care products that can help control and even reverse the damage done to the skin.

Vitamin C Serums are one of such essential skin champions. Research, as published in The Telegraph, shows that as little as 0.6 percent of vitamin C can work to protect your skin from free radical damage—the reason behind the breakdown of your collagen leading to wrinkles and sagging. Read on to learn more about the wonders vitamin C serum can do for your skin.

  1. Builds collagen naturally

Vitamin C boosts natural collagen production. Your skin loses collagen due to several reasons, including exposure to pollution, smoke and also due to the natural ageing process. Vitamin C serum plays a vital role in holding cells together, strengthening the skin and giving it elasticity—all of these are extremely important for a healthy and even-toned complexion.

  1. Protects skin from sun damage

You can count on the vitamin C serum to protect your skin from skin damage. While the Vitamin C serum is not a replacement for sunscreen, regular usage of the serum certainly helps in diminishing the harm done by UV rays, thus making it a valuable tool aiding your daily UV-fighting routine.

  1. Reduces under-eye circles

Vitamin C serum is your safest bet for brightening dark circles. It works by improving hydration and firming your skin. Additionally, vitamin C serums contain Ascorbic acid that is specifically formulated for taking care of skin in the under-eye area.

  1. Speeds up healing

The vitamin C serum’s healing ability plays a vital role in minimising redness and accelerating cell turnover; thereby replacing damaged cells with healthy new ones. The serum is your best bet for repairing blemishes and giving your skin a natural glow.

  1. Helps skin look younger

Vitamin C is extremely effective in stopping Hyperpigmentation—including sun spots, age spots and melasma. Reducing melanin production is a must for fighting skin ageing, and this makes the Vitamin C serum a dependable skincare partner in your efforts to make your skin look younger. Vitamin C has even been found in helping acne scars fade.

  1. Reduces inflammation and puffiness

Sensitivity to heat and pollution can sometimes cause your face to turn red, flushed and itchy. Vitamin C serum when applied in prescribed concentrations can reduce inflammation significantly.

  1. Improves skin hydration

Keeping your skin hydrated is vital to maintaining a healthy and younger looking skin. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a key vitamin C derivative, helps in decreasing transepidermal water loss by allowing your skin to better retain moisture, thereby improving hydration.

Your skin type matters in choosing the right vitamin C serum

Although vitamin C serums are sold off-the counter, it is best to seek the help of your dermatologist while making your choice. You will gain the right product for your skin type. Your dermatologist will also advise you on the right concentration and the way the serum needs to be applied which is also vital when it comes to efficacy.

The single most important thing you want out of your skincare goals is to feel and look your best—and a regular routine with vitamin C serum will leave you with a much healthier, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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