When the streets are lit and there is music in every lane, nature is indirectly prompting you to get ready for a ‘New You’! Dust off the negativity and Focus on Yourself. A selfish resolution is all you got to make this New Year. With the turnover of the calendar page, it’s time to peel off the hoary face mask and welcome the radiant look. Add some glow to your cheeks, some shine to your hair, and flaunt your body for a reason as it is the New Year season. Our skin has textures, pores, and even the occasional blemishes; the goal is to focus on a change and hail newness with simple beauty routines! Say to Yourself, ‘Darling, you don’t need a mirror, your touch of beauty reflects happiness. This season, treat yourself to the glamorous glow and get lovable with Kaya New Year Glam Season!

Getting Ready for New You

It feels good to look beautiful! Your wellness is a part of YOU. Take some time out and just focus on yourself, to see the beautiful you, to see the beauty within you, but unfortunately, you just notice the damage and harm that you have been doing to yourself. When your skin is clogged and your hair dull, give back to yourself what you deserve.  Most of us feel guilty about ignoring our skin and body wellness, but during festivals, we just want some magical flare that can transform our dullness into perfectly flawless skin. Be your wizard then by taking enough care and maintaining a proper routine to give the ideal diet to your skin and hair. Kaya helps you to dress your skin with a natural glow providing the best treatments with perfect wellness solutions to look beautiful in this new season.

Wellness Is Important

Taking care of your skin from within is more important than just covering it up. Healthy skin is not an overnight activity. It takes a lot of caring and proper nourishment. To avoid skin infections and make your skin ready for an event, ensure you give ample time to your body every day. Whatever you eat will reflect on your skin, thrive on citrus-rich fruits for the skin to look supple, and include papaya and cucumber for the pink glowing cheeks. Your skin needs water, hydrate yourself with adequate water-drinking habits for your skin to absorb the minerals. Do not skip your sleep. Sleep replenishes and repairs your skin from within. Lack of sleep can lead to stress which causes pimples, acne, blackheads, and uneven pigmentation of the skin layers.

Yoga and meditation are the 2 musts for overall well-being. It helps to remove the toxins in our body and maintain the hormonal balance to provide sensitivity towards the external environment which causes skin problems. Healthy skin is the reflection of overall wellness, ensure you treat your skin with therapies regularly to feel the freshness every day.

The Three Musketeers for New Year Ready You! – Skin, Hair, and Body Treatments

Skincare Routine

Filters are good, but great skin is better! Put a full stop to your thoughts wishing you had great skin and get it with Kaya’s best skincare products. As the new year has arrived and the invites have lined up, so is your skin glow awaiting at the Kaya Centre.  So, let your skin breathe and feel the change with the best of Kaya skin treatments with glamming season offers.

  • Say goodbye to your Acne with Acne scars treatment with a complete solution by treating the root cause of all those acne and scars.
  • Make your dark circles disappear and nourish the skin to illuminate your new look.
  • Rediscover yourself with Kaya Skin Glow Face Therapy and Pigmentation solutions.

Haircare Routine

Life is short make every hair flip count, this year begin with Kaya haircare routine solutions that reduce hair loss and nourish the scalp for bouncy, fizz-free, ravishing hair which can dance to the festive tunes. Our hair is our crown, and a hairstyle can change the entire look of a person, healthy hair is a result of consistency in taking care of your scalp health and avoiding rubbing or rustling it which causes excessive frizz, hair fall, and breakage. Prep your hair with a proper hair care routine treatment to tackle hair fall.

  • Get your new look with some amazing treatments like Hair Strength Mesotherapy, Hair Growth Treatments, and some Hair Filters.
  • Hair Transplant Treatments
  • Eyebrow, Eyelash, and Beard Transplants
  • And even DNA Repair Therapies.

Body Care

Get your backless dresses ready this festive season because Kaya treatments will help you flaunt your beauty. No more worrying about stretch marks and saggy bellies, body sculpting and contouring are right in place for you.

Kaya Body Treatments:

  • Body Contouring Solutions
  • Cellulite Treatment
  • Stretch Marks Treatment
  • CoolSculpting
  • Ab & Butt Sculpting

Celebrate Newness Every day – Take care of Yourself

Your Body is a Temple take proper care of it by maintaining a body care routine.

  • Exercising every day adds to the natural glow to your face.
  • Scrap out caffeine instead start having warm water.
  • Moisturize your Skin regularly and eat nourishing supplies.

Take care of your Crown with these Haircare tips

  • Make a habit of Oiling your hair before the shower at least twice a week.
  • Condition your hair with gentle massages.
  • Protect your hair by using hair serums which help to control the fizz, repair the damaged hair, and add shine to your strands.
  • Apply a suitable hair mask that nourishes your hair.
  • Avoid taking a hot shower.

It is important to look your best on every occasion, be it at work or home. Not sure, where to begin, make Kaya Skin Treatments your best pals. Kaya Skin Clinic works with dermatologists to offer the best advice suitable for your skin and hair treatments. The best company is to identify why is beauty so important, this New Year let the Resolution be ‘Focus on Yourself’. So buckle up, and celebrate the feeling of pride with the beautiful YOU!

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