How Kaya can help eliminate excessive sweating

Feeling embarrassed by your sweaty fingers, scalp, forehead or underarms? Do you lose your confidence while meeting others thinking of the above? Or are you scared of shaking hands because of your sweaty palms?  It would be embarrassing to yourself that you are profusely sweating for no apparent reason. It would make you look weak, though not physically, but you would be perceived as someone who cannot hold their forte. But the good news is, it has a name – hyperhidrosis and it definitely can be treated.  

Hyperhidrosis simply put is excessive sweating that is not related to physical activity or high temperatures. This level of sweating can disrupt your daily routine and can cause social withdrawal alongside emotional distress. The whole situation gets even worse given the sweltering heat of the UAE that leads to even more sweating making summer skincare all the more vital. 

Understanding Hyperhidrosis 

Hyperhidrosis may be caused by underlying disorders such as diabetes mellitus or hyperthyroidism that further leads to hormonal imbalance. Another cause for hyperhidrosis can be pregnancy or menopause.  

Generally, there are two types of hyperhidrosis. Primary Focal occurs without any apparent reason(s). It is limited to only certain parts of the body that sweat more than the others. Secondary Generalised is where large areas of the body sweat but during night as well. It is traceable back to an underlying medical condition.  

To a certain extent, hyperhidrosis can be a genetic problem, especially Primary Focal. While it is common for multiple members in the family to have this problem, since there is a lot of inhibition for people to discuss around this, we can never really know.  

While hyperhidrosis can be physically draining due to water loss from the body it can be stressful on the mind as well. Studies show that people who suffer from it have a decreased sense of well-being, high chances of anxiety and depression and are often seen in self doubt and hiding their sweaty areas such as feet and armpits from plain sight suggesting that they are insecure about their looks. 

Managing Hyperhidrosis 

Primary focal hyperhidrosis is the most common type of the two. While there are many temporary fixes available to resolve hyperhidrosis, Botox shots are proven to be effective in bringing the incessant sweating to a halt.  

Botulinum Toxin or Botox® in short is administered in very small quantities in an area in order to reduce sweat production. Although it might require multiple shots, Botox is effective for months at a time. Botox® is clinically proven to block the release of acetylcholine, the chemical messenger that signals the sweat glands to activate. Kaya Skin Clinic has a team of experienced, qualified dermatologists who can understand the reasons for hyperhidrosis, suggest the best way to solve the same and later, administer the Botox shots with precision and care. The Botox used at Kaya are FDA approved and 100% safe to use.  

Wearing appropriate clothes depending on the occasion will help to a great extent. Clothes made of moisture wicking material are best suited for your workouts or sport activities. Wearing loose or dark coloured clothes such as black colour will help minimise the signs of sweating. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine products and keeping spicy foods off your diet shall also help the sweating from getting worse. Use of an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant shall also help kill sweat. Antiperspirants these days are available as roll ons, sprays etc and come in small sizes as well making them easy to carry around. However they can cause irritation and can be a reason for pigmentation as well.  

Summer Skincare Guide 

Summers, to reiterate, can be very taxing on the skin. The clock might hardly be hitting 12 noon but you might feel like throwing in the towel already.  

Commonly, what is observed in the summers are heat rashes, dehydration, bacterial infections, acne etc. Let’s have a sneak – peek into each of them and try to solve them with some quick fixes.  

During summers, multiple factors such as heat and sweat combine to make your skin irritable. Dirt and dust too, play their villain roles to perfection by clogging the sweat ducts of the skin. This results in itchy heat rashes 

It is not just the body but the skin too gets dehydrated and how! As we sweat, we continuously lose hydration from the skin. If not sufficiently replenished, this can leave the skin dry, irritated and more prone to sunburn.  

When we sweat, our skin becomes a magnet of sorts for dust and pollution. This combination of heat and dirt is a perfect breeding ground for acne and pimples to thrive. The dust clogs the skin’s pores while the heat gives bacteria a perfect environment to grow. Sweat by default is odourless as it is just water. But when combined with bacterial infections, that is when the sweat becomes pungent and difficult to bear. And for someone who suffers from hyperhidrosis, it can be the worst nightmare.  

Preventing the sun from getting under your skin 

Thanks to modern day science, there are many effective products that are available. Kaya combines its rich experience in the domain with its technical know – how to make products that ensure the sun doesn’t get the better of you.  

Including antioxidants in your face care routine can go a long way in maintaining the moisture level in the skin. The Kaya Antox Vit C Formula in particular controls the adverse effects of UV and gives a softer and brighter looking skin. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis helps remove the piled up dead cells on your skin. Choosing an exfoliating cream that matches your skin type is important and when used correctly, it visibly reduces the appearance of blemishes and combats dullness. Lastly, make the sunscreens your BFF. Applying them every 2-3 hours will only do good. Again, choose a sunscreen with SPF 50+ that is gentle on your skin and you can see for yourself, the wonders that a good sunscreen can pull off. 

Summing up, summers are here to stay. As years pass by, for the foreseeable future, it is only going to get hotter every year. Hence, having a skin care routine that can beat all odds, let alone the sweating is crucial. Hyperhidrosis is best cured with Botox treatment as it can have long lasting results. But if not administered correctly and with incorrect dosage, you might be looking at irrevocable damage to your otherwise flawless beauty.  

When it comes to seeking the right advice and treatments around excessive sweating, be sure to check on Kaya Skin Clinic. Some of the region’s best dermatologists practise with Kaya as the latter merges technology and science with safe, professional and ethical medical practices. So, without further ado, consult with the best. Consult with Kaya Skin Clinic.  

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