What if there was a way to fight stubborn fat in a manner that’s relatively free from pain? What sounds like fiction or a well-written infomercial is now a reality, thanks to technological advancements like CoolSculpting.

Stubborn fat can be really annoying, and almost a confidence crusher, especially when you want to rock a sleeveless dress or have a t-shirt that fits like a perfect V. Be it a diet change or an intense workout regimen — the stubborn fat refuses to respond to your efforts of shedding. Often, the harder you try to fight it, the lesser progress you notice.

When faced with this roadblock, people often tend to fall into the trap of unhealthy diet pills or imbalanced diet fads. These methods provide fast and short-term results and bring along a considerable barrage of risks and side-effects. CoolSculpting provides you with the benefits of surgery without the apparent dangers.

The Science Behind It.

A gift of modern science, CoolSculpting is the non-invasive body contouring treatment. It allows you to focus your fat-loss therapy to a single spot on your body. CoolSculpting happens using a method called Cryolipolysis, also popularly called “fat-freezing.”

A trained operator will use a device to freeze the fat cells underneath your skin tissues. These fat cells disintegrate from the exposure of the cooling panels against your skin. The cells will then slowly break down by your body’s mechanism and get eliminated by the liver enzymes. Although the results are not instant, the fat dissolves from your body in just a few weeks.

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, this process does not have any tissue manipulations or medications nor the use of anaesthesia. The procedure itself is fairly painless and fast. Patients have merely claimed to feel an odd-cooling-sensation from the panels against their skin

Advantages Of CoolSculpting.  

Is this just another claim of the cosmetic industry, or does it work? Here are some facts to back CoolSculpting.

#1 Clinically Proven

Although this is a new technology, it is backed by many clinical tests and trials. In the USA, CoolSculpting got its FDA or Food and Drug Administration approval, making it safe to market and use. In 2017, a study proved that this method is usable, durable, and completely safe. The researchers noticed a few rare side-effects based on skin-types. These side effects like bruises and rashes vanish in a day.

#2 Fast Recovery

Unlike invasive surgeries, this process has no downtime to your system. You can step out of the clinic and walk back home immediately. Since there is no tissue alterations or medications involved, there is no recovery period. Even diet pills can cause fatigue and metabolism changes, which are not true for CoolSculpting.

#3 Painless

The treatment is painless and provides very minimal discomfort in the process. Since the instrument is just a cold panel, the sensation is that of a slight tugging against the skin.

#4 More than Just Belly Fat

When we imagine a fat problem, we only think of the waistline. The CoolSculpting process can, however, attack more body parts. They are effective on the stomach, thighs, flanks, arms, upper arms, etc.

Final Thoughts

This treatment is ideal for those looking to shed in smaller increments, up to 30% fat reduction in the treated area in one treatment. CoolSculpting is a definite way to destroy fats. Once the treatment ends, the clients must commit to a better lifestyle and eating habits to maintain the fat loss.

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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