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So glad to have @Miss_AuStyle back at Kaya and to continue being a part of her beauty journey. A loyal customer and friend of Kaya for almost 10 years, she is one of the most beautiful, strong and atheletic woman we have come to know and love! Are you ready, to safely, get Back to Beauty? Call 800 KAYA (800 5292) in the UAE, +966 54 1114273 in the KSA, 800 SKIN (800 7546) in Oman or simply visit kayaskinclinic.com to book your appointments.

نشعر بالسعادة بزيارة @Miss_AuStyle
لكايا وكوننا جزءً من رحلتها للعناية ببشرتها. فهي عميلة مميزة وصديقة عزيزة لنا لأكثر من 10 أعوام. هي من أجمل وألطف واقوى المهتمين بالرياضة.هل انتم أيضاً جاهزون للعودة إلى الاهتمام بجمالكم بكل أمان؟ اتصلوا بنا على 800 KAYA (800 5292) في الامارات +966 54 1114273 في السعودية 800 SKIN (800 7546) في عمان
او ببساطة زوروا موقعنا لحجز موعدكم اليوم!

#Repost @Miss_AuStyle . . .When is the last time your treated yourself to something that made you feel good? I’ve always believed in investing in my body, mental happiness & what I consume for my overall happiness. As an avid client of @KayaClinicArabia (last 10 years in-fact) I wanted to share my praise on the safety measures they have taken during this Covid period, in order to allow us to return and resume treatment in a safe environment. Not only did they go above and beyond, but I left feeling rejuvenated and mentally happy. Thank you for being my consistent go-to clinic for all of these years. Lots of love to Dr. Mansi & the entire team of professionals at Kaya ❤️
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