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Kaya Skin – Ultra Youth Glow Facial & Review


Hello beautiful people! So today i am here with a new review of a skincare clinic which is amazing! I recently had the opportunity to and visit the lovely clinic and people at Kaya Skin Clinic, Mirdiff City Center. For those who do not know KSC specializes in a lot of haircare & skincare which is targeted treatment for any skin woes under the sun. I had the Kaya Ultra Youth Glow facial, which i was told is best experienced in consecutive sittings, atleast 4/6 treatments. I just had one to see what the hype was about & let me tell you guys i loved it!

Lets get on with the review shall we..

So the facial i went in for which was very diff to choose, given that they have a lot of them! But thanks to Kaya team as they helped me decide.


“It takes years off the face. Kaya Ultra Youth Glow. Ideal for re-energizing tired and dull skin before that special occasion, to look the best. All in a relaxing 90 minutes of pure skin pampering. Kaya Ultra Youth Glow leaves skin smooth, soft and hydrated for days.

First, the skin is awakened with intense, invigorating freshness of a pure and Soothing Cleaning Gel. A light, exfoliating microdermabrasion teams up with a comedone extraction that unclogs pores to let the skin breathe. It is then followed up with a nourishing vitamin application that boosts collagen production for youthful elasticity. A little pampering is in order; so give in to a relaxing massage. Finishing off with the rehydrating Insta Glow Mask to leave the skin smooth and hydrated.”


My Experience:

As soon as i walked in i was greeted with a warm welcome and taken into a waiting area, where i was asked to fill out a ‘Patient Consent Form’/ ‘Getting to know You’ which had to be filled by me. It basically had questions about my health- any special skin conditions also any internal issues, i was dealing with. I know for many of us such forms can be a lil daunting as it makes everything a bit more serious but i knew the facial i was going in for was nothing major and just a facial which uses a couple of tools in order for me to achieve the skin i wished for.

Form there on i was taken to a room and asked to relax. I was given a robe. Then my Facialist started to explain the procedure to me and told me that all this will take approx. 90mins (more so because it was my first time, she was explaining a lot of things to me and also because the mask in the end which needs to be on the skin for approx 15 mins) and also made me aware of the tools which will be used on my face to extract dead skin and message my face. The first thing was a soothing and cool message with a serum, followed by the Microdermabrasion which was done with a ‘pen’ like tool and was painless, at first i was scared but my facialist was kind enough to take the time and give me a demo, once i was done with the scary bit ( duh i was not scared, you were!! :X) There is going to be a scary snap of my wearing my ‘MASK’ and you have been warned!! All this microdermabrasion does is suck in the dry skin flakes from our face, leaving the face squeaky clean for the treatment and serums.

Anyhow then she continued on with applying serums/gels on my face to combat various issues and then followed on with extracting white/black heads. This was the most painful part for me personally as my pain tolerance is pretty sucky…I wss cringing the whole time. But she was sweet enough to give me breaks in between. After some more messaging and talking she told me it was time for the icing on the cake- the GLOW MASK!
I was to be honest not expecting much ‘a mask is a mask is a mask’ u get my drift.

But boy oh boy! Was i in for a surprise, turns out after the Microdermabrasion the Mask was my next fav thing from the treatment. The mask forms a gel-like consistency when mixed with water and is a ‘cooling mask’ so for the whole time it was on my face, my face was being treated by the cooling/calming sensation of the mask and it was at a consist rate. She applied this on my face and told me to relax for 15 mins or so and dim the lights. I was left alone to wonder about this miraculous mask on my own. Also one is supposed to keep a straight face throughout. All the products are specially deigned for the ‘specific’ skin ailments and issues. After 15/20 mins she came back in and told me it was time and she continued on to peel the mask off my face, it just slid off! I was left rejuvenated, honestly you know in the winters when we go out and come back inside the house we feel as if we just had a facial/facelift because of the numbness of the cold, this felt just like that but more hydrated and supple. I was amazed and kept on raving about the mask. I am sure i let them know how much i loved the MASK!!


So all in all i was impressed and will def be going back as soon as i can. These facials are def a bang for the buck and range from anywhere between 350AED-900AED and should always be taken in sets. Also i was told not to use a CLEANSER/SOAP for that entire day and refrain from doing any ‘Mask/Bleach or any other major skin treatments’ for 7 days after the treatment.

Kaya Skin Clinic has a lot of branches across UAE. Visit their Website for more details.

Hope you guys liked this review. I like doing such on-site ‘service’ reviews and would love it if you guys have any suggestions. Let me know in the comments section below. Until my next review.