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Three Treatments To Try This June


I find myself going out for treatments several times a month. On a regular basis, I would try my best to keep up with nail maintenance and facial treatments, and every now and then I’d try out the odd treatment. If you are looking to discover new treatments, check out my three recommendations for this month.

Slimming treatment at Bionix Body Designers


When I started my fitness journey two years ago, I have to admit, I expected the process to be a whole lot easier than it is in reality. Losing the weight was fine, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle, combined with persistence at the gym, was the trickier part. I never recommend relying solely on treatments for weight loss, but I am all for using them every now and then to help maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. I tried out the 45 minutes Slimming Treatment at Bionix, which begins with a brief consultation and body measurement.We started out with the Body Ultra-lift, a non-invasive method of reducing fat and body contouring that utilizes high-intensity focused ultrasound, which targets breaking down the fat and tightening the skin. The ultrasound was painless and quick. We followed it with 20 minutes using the heating blanket which helps with blood circulation and promises of melting fat. The results of the treatment were visible immediately after, and even more in the following days. I would recommend this treatment for those looking to lose inches off certain areas on their body, however, it did not help with cellulite as I had hoped for.
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Ultra Youth Facial at Kaya Skincare Clinic


Ah, being young is a blessing, but one not be taken for granted. Just because you haven’t hit your 30s mark yet, doesn’t mean you have to stir clear of anti-ageing treatments without trying to understand them first.

Kaya is one of my trusted go-to clinics for laser treatments, but this was my first time going for a facial instead. I opted for the Kaya Ultra Youth Facial which combines steps to help repair damage caused by UV rays and dehydration. The treatment consists of six steps, designed to replace the vital elements we lose due to stress and environmental factors.
The treatment breakdown was as follows-

• Microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells.
• Blackhead removal to get rid of all the dirt and gunk caused by the weather.
• Vitamin C serum to brighten the skin and lighten dark spots.
• Iontophoresis, to help infuse the products.
• A relaxing massage to work the products into the skin.
• A re-hydrating mask to help the skin glow.

The good thing with facials is that they aren’t like body treatments, it’s not a gamble, and you mostly get the results you are promised. I left the place with a hydrated soft face and a huge smile. This facial was definitely one of my best ones ever.
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Hydromassage at Ice Queen

This water massage, I promise, is nothing like your everyday massage. The underwater massage is performed with jets, which is meant to help blood and lymphatic circulation. The tub is set to a room temperature degree of 34-35 Celsius, which feels like your regular bath tub session. It’s not meant to be relaxing or soothing, like every other massage treatment, mainly because it is more of a results-oriented treatment. I was tempted to test out a session of Hydromassage as it promises a lot of benefits, which include relieving muscle and joint tension, headaches, back pain, and help with skin elasticity. That is not to mention that consistent sessions are also meant to aid with normalizing sleep and getting rid of cellulite. The massage was rather ticklish at a certain point, but it was far from painful or anything of that sort. After my session, my post-gym soreness was definitely relieved, but I did not experience or notice anything else, as long-term results probably require more than one session.
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