Bettina Micu1

Kaya Gold Radiance • Kaya Skin Clinic


It was my absolute first time to get a real facial at a professional skin clinic. I was super eager to see what awaited me and what all the fuss was about Kaya Skin Clinic. I’ve heard about it a lot of times and have seen many bloggers post about it on social media and have read tons and tons of positive feedback. It sounded so relaxing and refreshing so I had to take the jump and try it out for myself.

Right before I even entered the clinic I was already being greeted with smiles. I felt very comfortable and was seated while I waited for my appointment. They gave me forms to fill out so they knew about what kind of lifestyle you had which was great so I felt even more secure in their hands since they know exactly what I did on a daily.


I choose to have the Kaya Gold Radiance which involves rejuvenating the skin with REAL GOLD elements! (Isn’t that so cool!) Its aim was to bring out a glow in you, repair sun damage, lighten and brighten, and improve circulation. Which, by the end of the appointment GOAL ACHIEVED!

Before I was laid down they explained what was going to happen. Just the ambiance of the whole place was relaxing already! They started out by stretching my whole body which induced my limbs to relax and then proceeded to cleanse and tone my face. She then lathers up my face with the smoothest 24k Vitamin C Booster Serum. I got a face massage, hand massages too and for the finale, the 24k Gold and Collagen Mask which smelt and felt amazing on (and off) the skin! I was able to take the mask home and was instructed to do this once a week and I’m just absolutely buzzing to do it again!
The whole experience was the most relaxed I have ever been, especially with my busy schedule and hectic lifestyle it definitely is worth it to get yourself pampered every once in a while.