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Glowing Skin With Kaya

Hello lovely ladies, Did you miss me ? I guess yes 🙂

Today I will be talking to you about an amazing facial I did at Kaya’s clinic in Jeddah, the Prince Sultan street branch. If you are following me on Snap Chat (@NohaAyoussef) you would notice how stressful and busy my days are nowadays. I barely have time to take good care of my skin, and the stress and dehydration have been reflected on my face. I felt I needed something to make my face glow again in no time, so I was super happy to know that Kaya Clinic has an amazing range of facials, that suits any skin requires. I have tried Kaya Clinic before in some other services and I know how punctual and professional they are.

I chose to try the “KAYA AQUA RADIANCE FACIAL” which is basically a treatment using oxygen and water to replenish skin cells and repair the damage caused by UV rays and daily life in a stressful or polluted environment, while cleansing down to the deepest layer of your skin. What’s amazing about Aqua Radiance, is the way it infuses vitamins deep into the skin as part of a three-step process:
Exfoliation: Cool, soothing jet sprays of water at supersonic speed, gently slough off layers of dead skin cells. The pores instantly breathe a sigh of relief. The skin is deep cleansed. Blackheads are unclogged and the luster returns as the skin is refreshed.

Hydration: The skin is now revitalized with the help of another round of jet streams that infuse therapeutic elements at the deepest level. This stimulates the production of new collagen, the element that keeps skin firm, supple and youthful.

Nourishment: A formulation of vitamins, based on the dermatologist’s assessment of the skin’s specific needs, is now infused into the skin. Of course, it is a feeling of gentle action of those water and oxygen jets… and the joy of knowing that the skin is being deeply cared for!

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I left Kaya Clinic feeling fresh and my face truly looked alive, you won’t imagine how stress and sun can cause damage to your face, and how a tired dull face affects not only your looks but also your mood. If you are me and having a busy schedule ot if you want to pamper yourself everyone in awhile, check the amazing facials Kaya Clinics have on and remember to reserve an appointment and consultation before going.