Facials With A Twist!1

Ultra Youth Glow

Welcome to an experience so revitalizing, it takes years off your face. The Ultra Youth Glow facial offered at Kaya Skin Clinic is ideal for re-energizing tired and dull skin before that one special occasion. All in a relaxing 90 minutes of pure skin pampering, the treatment leaves your skin smooth, soft and hydrated for days.

How it works?

First, the skin is awakened with intense, invigorating freshness of a pure Soothing Cleaning Gel. A light, exfoliating microdermabrasion teams up with a come done extraction that unclogs pores to let the skin breathe. It is then followed up with a nourishing vitamin application that boosts collagen production for youthful elasticity.
A little pampering is in order; so give in to a relaxing massage that finishes off with the rehydrating Insta Glow Mask that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated.


Kaya Skin Clinic, Dubai Marina Price – AED 750 per session