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Detox Therapy At Kaya Skin Clinic

The thing with vacations is that your body needs another one right after you touch home. Well, after two weeks of signature Portuguese debauchery, my skin was literally begging for a detox.

I promptly checked in at my regular savior, Kaya Skin Clinic at Dubai marina for a consultation and treatment to do some serious damage control. The dermatologist, Dr. Gharib was extremely helpful in understanding my problem and guiding me towards the perfect treatment for my skin issue, which at the moment was dull and sallow, dehydrated and black-heads prone.


He had an excellent recommendation in the 1-hour Detox therapy treatment which would deal with free radicals, exfoliate and hydrate my skin, to give it a much needed boost.

My treatment began within minutes of the consultation – an indication of how efficient the staff at Kaya is. There’s virtually no wastage of time and that’s something I really appreciate, especially at salons.

The treatment itself was a luxurious affair for the skin. The therapist starts off with a relaxing welcome ritual with aromatherapy and deep breathing and make-up removal and a thorough facial cleansing.

Next, the exfoliation peel is applied in 3 steps- An intensive peel (1 ml) is first patch tested and then applied accordingly. The enzyme mask powder is applied next and peel rollers are used on the face to help the mask penetrate deeper and more evenly into the skin. Lastly, 1 ml of Peel doux is applied to finish the exfoliation process.


An extraction of blackheads and whiteheads comes next, as per requirement. In my case, it was absolutely necessary, for the number of blackheads on my face just now! This is a typical problem I face everytime I come back from my travels so its essential that I get a good facial when I’m back.

The Kaya stemness reviving serum is then applied – an all-day detoxifying concentrate that instantly boosts that luminous glow on the skin, followed by a brightening and firming eye serum and the overnight skin Replenisher ( I actually have this product at home and use it quite often- it’s a great buy!)

A single dose of vitamin C capsule is applied all over the face and neck along with the Vitamin C hydromask for a final burst of moisture.

That wraps up the very luxurious and effective Detox therapy facial at Kaya Skin Clinic Arabia and I must say that the result was visible immediately. My skin felt instantly rejuvenated and super hydrated with a faint glow. In all, an excellent choice for those looking for a quick and effective boost.

But apart from the facial, remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water-2 liters or more per day and sweat out the toxins through exercise- perfect companions for the Detox Facial therapy at Kaya Skin Clinic.

Price: AED 750 for 1 session. Avail of the many discounts on right now for Eid: