Beauty And Age

beauty-and-ageAs weird as it may be, i still get mistaken for a 25 year old. i am in my 30s. late 30s in fact and rather proud of it. i honestly think that i look better now than i did when i was in my 20s. of course there are days when i feel less than perfectly beautiful, no matter how confident i am in myself. my main insecurity would have to be my skin. it aint flawless. i still suffer from the occasional pimple, i have a few pigmentation issues and lets not even start on the small scars that surprisingly enough though, i actually can get-away with, with just a touch of makeup and right lighting in photography. since last year though, i have had the help of the amazing team of KAYA SKIN CLINIC to clear out my skin and maintain it. i have done the salicylic acid peel last year and now i am doing a followup session. it is a great treatment for those like me with mid to oily skin that are prone to pimples. the procedure takes less than 20 minutes and you may experience a slight burning sensation and redness but that is on a case to case basis. i was on panic mode my first time but after that, i was cool. the only thing to be mindful about this is you have to clear out the sun and we all know how difficult that is out here. anyhow, i decided to do a followup session this year and my main goal is to ensure i maintaining it. i am rather hard-headed and sometimes find it difficult to keep up. i have a long way to go and i know it will never be as perfect as i would prefer it to be, but surely it is better than it was before.

now, i am one for inner beauty and ageing gracefully. but i am no hypocrite either. coz i dont know what my 50 year old self will say or do. although i am pretty sure i will never go under the knife, i am definitely interested in knowing some alternatives in maintaining my somewhat youthful flair for as long as i can. i mean we all spend thousands for those anti-wrinkle creams and take endless vitamins but sometimes, for most people, it is not enough. so, out of curiosity and of course the fact that i am nearing mid-life, i decided to sit down with my dermatologist, dr. vimi ponnamparambath at KAYA SKIN CLINIC and we discussed all matters of beauty and ageing.

we all know that as we all age, we will encounter several things, most of which are wrinkles and sagging. wrinkles is not issue with me because i dont really have any (apparently it is thanks to my mid-oily skin). sagging on the other hand is something else. yes. sagging. not my breasts. my face. ok, well erase that. it is more my jawline. it is not as prominent as it was when i was way younger. because i dont really do all that contour crap with makeup and get photographed a lot for the blog, i started to notice it and have been bothered about it for a little while now. the clinic has recently introduced botox and fillers, plus some interesting non-invasive treatments such as silhouette soft which makes use of a suture. the main idea of all this is reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plus regenerate your skin tissue and firmness giving you a more youthful glow. you can find out more about this at KAYA SKIN CLINIC and super glad to have had this discussion with them coz its good to know your options from those you trust and the best thing obviously is that they now offer these options themselves. i do recommend getting a full consultation with their dermatologist though to ensure you know all of your options because at the end of the day, we all have different needs.

beauty-and-age-1 beauty-and-age-2

For now, my 30 year-old self is happy with my 20-year old look. with a little exercise, a healthy diet, plus a little help from team KAYA SKIN CLINIC to maintain my fresh, glowing clear skin, i am hoping i can sit back for a few more years before i even consider thinking about these options. and probably, if i am ever lucky, i can be one of those women who wont even have to think about it in the future.

what about you? do you think you will ever consider this when the time comes?!

note: after my peel session is done, i am trying out the dermapen treatment which i am actually very excited about. stand by for it soon.