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Skin Deep

What really is the secret to a flawless face? To perfect skin? To preventing wrinkles and looking 10 years younger? Honestly, will we ever know? Living in a country where the sun is always shining and the heat can be unbearable; skin damage is on the high. You may have started to notice micro-lines appearing on your forehead, pigmentation spots or general dryness.

With so many serums and creams to try, so many magazine reviews to read and so many spas promising you the skin you’ve always dreamt of — it’s no wonder why we’re always left feeling a little overwhelmed. At The Digital Dose, we understand that everyone is different and so is everyone’s skin. Therefore we’ve rounded up our ‘top 8 reasons’ why you should visit our latest skin saviours, Kaya Skin Clinic.

However, this is not one of those ‘made up’ reviews. We went, we saw, we tried and honestly — we left glowing.


1. Each procedure is designed especially by qualified doctors and dermatologists, not beauty therapists. Every customer’s skin type is treated with an individual and bespoke procedure, catering to your worries, concerns and overall outcome.

2. Kaya is the largest skin specialists in the Middle East. They treat over 200,000 people in their 21 clinics, which are based all over the region.

3. The products used to treat your skin are all researched, designed and made by Kaya Skin specialists. Their success lies in their homemade based ingredients from a wide range of formulas.

4. There are treatments and solutions designed for every skin problem including, Stretch Marks, Acne and Acne Scars, Dark Circles, Pigmentation, Age Control, and Hair Removal.

5. Their team consists of over 300 specialists from all different cultures, countries and professional backgrounds.

6. After each treatment, there is a doctor on hand to answer any of your skin queries or questions.

7. They’re based right on your doorstep with locations in Dubai Marina, Mirdif, Town Centre, Jumeirah and Sheikh Zayed Road.

8. Kaya Skin Clinic are constantly evolving with new and innovative ways to achieving skin perfection.