kapuchinaThat was a hell of a busy month at work!!!! And all these fatigue, stress, anxiety make a bad impact on my face😭
Was really inneed of good facial and it is so hard to get a good one here-> everyone knows the struggle😤💁🏼 but let me tell you that I found a good one , thanks to @kayaclinicarabia 💕
First, I had a consultation with doctor Mohammed, who made a skin check up and advised to go for Detox Therapy Facial. I hope you’ve seen my instastories 🙈
The therapist first cleaned my face with skin awakening rinse cleanser ( full of multi vitamins) , followed with purifying toner for tired skin-> helps to calm it down! Afterwards, 3 step peel-> intensive peel ( lactic acids, glycol) followed by papaya and pineapple enzyme and aloe scrub-> all that exfoliate but wont leave the skin dry!!!! Thats the best… coz sometimes i feel my skin has that annoying shrinking effect.. so after dead skin cells were happily removed the therapist cleaned the skin..and applied detoxing serum , which is really good to help new skin to detox! The cool thing about this facial.. that u can see results in few days.. afterwards, the therapist applied brightening and firming eye serum for my eyes, overnight brightening nourishing cream. And then what i really liked facial massage followed by one more mask and vitamin C ❤ anyhow, I honestly could continue talking about it for ages.. but you better try it out! .
Btw, men also can enjoy all the facials there👍🏻
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sookahI need a spa, a massage and a twelve month vacation somewhere, I feel you girl 🙌🏼

helenabradburyMy skin has been reacting to stuff so badly recently, I need a facial!

azalia_theadventurerGirl, I need a spa day right about now 💆🏻

world_with_maria😄 Amazing feed, keep up the good work!….

saluspaDamn! 💎 💦

kapuchina@yanallure was so good !

kapuchina@karlatomaselli i want vacation😭

kapuchina@sookah yes same here 😭

kapuchina@helenabradbury Yes, after facial u will so good! I was like please dont stop🤣

kapuchina@azalia_theadventurer yesss indeed😀

kapuchina@world_with_maria thaaanks

kapuchina@saluspa 😀

kriticiousSo going there for one now 😻😘

sabrina_melissaOh I’m in need of a facial right now too 😃

one.island.at.a.timeYou deserve it gurl 💪🏽💕 Will def recommend this to a friend who’s working in DXB atm

sawwad.fashionOh awesome 😍😍😍 I have a branch that just opened right next to me! Need to try it out 🙌💃

kapuchina@kriticious yes, let me know how it went😘

kapuchina@sabrina_melissa@one.island.at.a.time thank you girlies💕

kapuchina@sawwad.fashion yes, it is very nice💕

andrea.vd.meerA good facial can be so relaxing!