Priyanka Pradhan1

You know how they say pregnant women have a certain natural glow? Well, turns out not all of us are as lucky! I, for one have had some struggling to do in terms of combating blackheads and whiteheads, blemishes and patchy skin for 6 months now. Since I’m not supposed to use any Salicylic acid, which is used in products to keep blackheads away, I find myself in a fix as to how to tackle this skin situation.

For damage control then, I decided to head to my trusted skin expert, Kaya Skin Clinic Arabia, to seek some urgent help. I headed to the newly re-branded and revamped branch at Al Barsha for a consultation and treatment. Considering its vast expertise, I was certain I’d find a good solution to the problem.



Firstly, the new clinic is super impressive in its styling and layout, its new amenities and brand new, state-of-the-art equipment. Since its in close proximity to residential and commercial areas of Tecom, Meadows etc., it’s an ideal location for office-goers as well as those coming from home.

The consultation with the in-house dermatologist, Dr Gharib went off well and I was relieved to find that he was able to recommend something that is completely chemical-free, especially meant for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

He suggested the Kaya Aqua Radiance facial to detoxify the skin, extract blackheads and whiteheads and hydrate the skin with saline water and oxygen. A simple vitamin C mask or a lighter optional hydrating mask would top the treatment.

For me, just knowing that my skin is in good hands and is taken care of by highly qualified experts is a huge relief. I was also impressed by the new facial suites at the Barsha branch- mood lighting, safety lockers, music settings and even a personalised iPad to watch Netflix on!  Now that’s what I call a luxe experience.

The treatment itself was interesting. Jets of saline water and oxygen were infused into the skin with the help of specialized equipment. It was quite tingly at first but I did get used to it after a while. After a thorough cleansing, the jets were used to gently exfoliate the skin, followed by a simple extraction and the hydrating- soothing mask.

In about 45 minutes, my skin felt completely clean, supple and glowing with moisture.

The staff was, as usual, par excellence in its service, knowledge and expertise – which, in my opinion is what sets Kaya Skin Clinic Arabia apart.

All in all, the Kaya Aqua Radiance facial was a hit with me and I shall be coming back in the following months of pregnancy for a fuss-free, chemical free radiance boost.