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My beauty experiences: laser hair reduction at Kaya Skin Clinic

Self-love is not vain; it’s a necessity. When you take care of yourself, you become more capable of catering to the needs of those who matter most in your life. you eventually become more grounded and mentally and emotionally balanced.

Along my wellness journey, I decided to opt for the laser hair reduction method at Kaya Skin Care Clinic. There, the Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Reduction is being used. The perks of this machine is that it is the latest pain free machine. Everyone who has used it so far seems to have admired its efficiency and capacity at quickly reducing the amount of hair growth.

Usually, males and females are intimidated by the laser process and worried of its side effects, let them be burns or pains. Therefore, I have gathered multiple questions below to ease everyone’s worries and concerns about the Kaya Ultimate laser Machine:

How does it work?

As a rule, laser hair reduction has generally been perceived to work better on light skins with dark hair, as compared with other combinations. Because they function by targeting pigmentation, lasers can cause discomfort by impacting darker skin, while lighter hair on lighter skin can be hard for laser to “see” and act upon.
At Kaya they have worked for years to innovate around these limitations and bring the benefits of faster, smoother and painless laser hair reduction to the entire spectrum of customers with various skin and hair types.
At the heart of the Kaya Ultima experience is the expertise of their dermatologist-therapist teams. They work closely with every customer to deliver a customised treatment crafted around the individual’s hair and skin type, using the latest US FDA approved technologies, systems and devices.

Does it hurt?

Not at all! I have completed so far 2 sessions and managed to get a good power nap during both.

Would love to know your thoughts and if you have any questions!

Final Thoughts : I definitely recommend Kaya’s Laser Hair Removal packages to everyone who has been facing issues with Hair Removals or anyone who wants a Hair Free skin! I am already noticing a huge difference  after only 2 sessions.

Try it!
You will thank me later