miss_austyleI’m honestly a strong believer in the ‘less is more’ approach. And even though beauty is only skin deep – it is difficult to feel confident with problematic skin. For me, there is nothing more attractive than healthy skin, instead of relying on cosmetics to disguise the issues.

Last week I had my third session of @kayaclinicarabia ‘Hydra Skin Boosters’. Each treatment involves a series of hydra micro-injections of long lasting hyaluronic acid (which btw your body produces naturally but decreases with age). This gel-like substance absorbs water and brings hydration to the treated areas that can be targeted (mine were around my forehead, mouth, eyes and even lips!). It also encourages me to drink a lot more water to work with the treatment! During the session I also underwent ‘micro-needling’ where tiny punctures are made to the skin with a derma pen, this treatment is well regarded for skin rejuvenation as I was still healing from some acne marks from a bad bout months ago! 😞
I’ve been with #KayaSkinClinic for the past 7 years and have always been an avid fan of their less is more approach with me. Dr Mansi added a touch of up minimal botox in the forehead during the treatment which still allows me to express myself 😍😁😡😂 and the overall look is super fresh!
Girls: Check my instastory, Screenshot & DM @kayaclinicarabia for a little offer just for the next 24 hours & 1st 15 bookings (Ps ask for Dr Mansi – shes my superhero) #kayaskinclinic #kayaarabia

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vegasvanhauteU look great! Ur skin is. Glowing! I am an esthetician .

miss_austyle@ruthcastellon1982 ❤❤❤

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vervebabeLove your insta 💕

joshi.prakash1985Such a very very beauty 🌸🌸🔝🔝😍❣


miss_austyle@vervebabe Thank you 🙏🏽

miss_austyle@alhaidan_trading ❤❤❤

katsblingSo pretty

cookiesandlipsticksSo true babe! Skincare is so important 🙏😍❤✨❤❤

miss_austyle@katsbling ❤❤❤🙏🏽

miss_austyle@cookiesandlipsticksabsolutely 🙏🏽

nona55_55_Very beautiful

miss_austyle@nona55_55_ 😘

os.elmansyBeautiful girl

fitterstrongerGlowing beautifully 💁🏻


miss_austyle@fitterstronger that’s a compliment from someone like you! You’re my serious GOALS 😍😘😘😘