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nohayoussefYes i know I am a makeup junkie and love just love to shop for makeup 💄 but you can find 90% of the time with no make up or with very little makeup. That’s why I have to make sure my skin looks good. That’s why I am a regular at @kayaclinicarabia I go there for my facials, carboxy and frictional laser. They are simply the best in #jeddah I swear by them and their professionalism.


7alauae8Is it ok for sensitive skin? @nohayoussef

alfares0009كم تكلفته ؟! 🌸👍


nohayoussef@7alauae8 call @Kayaclinicarabia plesse

alinerizk101What does it do ? 😬🤗

nohayoussef@7alauae8 I guess you have to consult a doctor first @kayaclinicarabia

7alauae8@nohayoussef i will thanks mrs noha 🌹🌹

hadia_m7amadدايما منوره مع و بدون مكياج💐💐




zahrazharHi Noha fatimas mom here,really u recommend kaya??i went there but not very satisfied