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Have you been hearing recently about IV drips? Vitamin Boost Drips? Are you wondering how effective this is? Check below @mika_ashraf experience ・・・

I have always been so skeptical about this IV drip trend! I take my skin care seriously as you all know, and I don’t introduce new things unless am a 100% sure of it and very confident of the Dr’s in charge. So when @kayaclinicarabia said that they have a student offer going on multiple services, I knew exactly that I just had to try the IV drip for myself and be the judge of it! My skin has been needing it.
@kayaclinicarabia is responsible for all my #fillers and #botox treatments, and I have always found amazing results with them. Am pro getting work done if it looks #natural and uplifts your spirit, so trying this IV drip I visited the JBR branch as you all saw on my stories last week, and let me just say, it’s the best clinic I have ever been to! Funny nurses, super clean facility, and best of all @netflixmena to pass the time!.
Swipe right to see the results yourself, I got the skin glow and skin tightening IV’s and in a week my skin cleared up and that glow couldn’t be photoshopped even if I tried!! Seriously how did I just try this?? I will be incorporating the IV every 2-3 months to my #skincare routine! It has been fabulous!!
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