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Lets Talk about the IV drips treatment 🧬Which I took 3 Weeks back @kayaclinicarabia … Regarding to my experience On the skin levels I felt a big improvement as it gave me brightness and glow plus it enhanced the skin elasticity.. body Levels it Boosted my energy in a very big way plus I was having some pain and inflammation in my joints and the IV drips cured it.. ♥️ I loved the treatment and am willing to take it more and more.. 🤍 ( you can find down more information about the IV drips treatment ) IV drips improve skin tone, elasticity, and overall luminosity by detoxifying the body of waste and restoring beneficial nutrients. IV drips help replenish the body with essential vitamins and nutrients in a much more rapid manner than taking supplements.. #ivdrips #kayaclinicarabia – #kayaarabia #expert #dermatologist #uae #dubai #staysafe #inittogether