I can’t believe it took me this long to start my #bodylaser – I CANNOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH!

Here are my top three reasons:

Every time I would go for a wax I would complain at how this is such a big waste of time! My underarms were a different time and my legs another! This is 2 hours dedicated in 6-7 weeks and that’s it! Im done for the next 2 months! What a relief!

2. Ain’t no one got time for strawberry legs! My ingrowth on my legs was BAAAAD! Like even after a wax you would feel like umm is that hair? Or are those spots! Just two sessions and I already see such a difference! I can’t wait to see what will be the result when I do the 4-6 sessions as prescribed

3. I don’t have to think whether I should wear a dress or cover my legs! I am ready for any outfit any time! For someone who is on the go / this is such a blessing!

I’ve been getting my body laser at @kayaclinicarabia and it’s been INCREDIBLE!!! Im so happy with how the laser is working on my body, their professional staff and clean environment! I even have a discount code for you all 😃 cuz I want you to benefit the way I am!
Use code NIGGI35 to get 35% off when you book 4 or more full body laser sessions at any Kaya clinics across UAE 😃 till December 31st.

You’re welcome 😋

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