Refresh your skin with next-gen microneedling

Your skin is subject to a lot of wear and tear. In recent years, several minimally invasive therapies have evolved to enhance your skin’s appearance to give it a more instant glow. MIRApeel is an aesthetic device which uses a new comprehensive 3D Skin Desquamation technology called “Fractional Transbrasion” to address skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. With a comprehensive transdermal serum delivery system which utilises an innovative vacuum-aided micro-needling procedure, MIRApeel effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

MIRApeel combines wet abrasion and the use of micro-needling in one effective and non-invasive treatment. The treatment is done via a three-step process. In the first part, your dermatologist will gently exfoliate the outer layers. This is essential as it helps the efficacy of your treatment that may be mild or relatively more intense depending on the nature of your skin tissue.

This is then followed by the use of tiny needles that are rolled across the skin along with a flow of serums. This process is called ‘wet micro-protrusion,’ which is basically microneedling with serums added at the same time, improving your skin’s suppleness. The use of serum lowers the skin’s pH breaking down the bonds that hold the upper dead skin together. At this stage, your skin is getting nourished and moisturised and all this is taking place at just the right skin layer for maximum invasive impact.

Finally, LED lights are used on the skin to soothe it. Your skin care specialist then applies a bio-cellulose face mask that keeps your skin moist and ensures that you feel no discomfort due to the mild inflammation that may have occurred. Before starting you on the treatment, your dermatologist will take you through the process and answer any queries that you may have.

The entire process takes about half an hour and being minimally invasive is painless. You may experience a poking kind of sensation or itchiness immediately on completion but that is no cause for alarm. You will not require the use of pain medication. You should be able to get back to work or your regular routine almost immediately.

While the treatment is generally free from any discomfort, in some cases your skin may display signs of redness for a few days. There may be some temporary skin darkening or hyperpigmentation. You may also experience blistering but this is usually quite rare.

You will start to experience noticeable results of a glowy and refreshed skin. To see more lasting results you may need several treatments which are administered in intervals of 4-6 weeks.

  1. Avoid the use of makeup for 48 hours after your treatment as your skin needs time to recover from the process. It is also advisable not to use chemical peels or facials that can block your skin’s natural breathing surface.
  2. Avoid exposure to the sun and UV rays. Stay indoors for a while. You may use sun block on the advice of your skincare specialist.
  3. Avoid using a sauna for two weeks post-treatment.
  4. Sleep face-up and avoid strenuous exercise for 48 hours.

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