Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Having a strong immune system can go a long way in protecting you from various diseases. It is necessary to keep a check on it, especially if you are above 40, so that your body runs like a well-oiled machine. Among the many different ways to ensure that your immune system stays strong is – Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

In recent years, Lymphatic Drainage Massage has seen a surge in its popularity across the globe. But what has made it so widely accepted by people worldwide? Does it live up to its hype? How does it benefit you? How is it performed? We uncover the answers to all these questions and more in our guide to Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

As blood flows throughout your body, blood plasma leaks into the interstitium, which is the space between cells. This thin, yellowish interstitial fluid is called lymph.

  • Lymphatic drainage is a relaxing massage technique that drains Lymphatic fluid via your lymph nodes. Lymphatic fluid helps remove waste and toxins from your tissues. However, if the fluid becomes stagnant, it can lead to a myriad of skin concerns, including acne, skin dryness, or other skin issues. By manually boosting drainage via your lymph nodes, it helps to carry waste products away from your skin and back toward the heart. The technique also helps to smooth out the connective tissue (fascia) that’s affected by tension, which creates a beautiful lift in the face Fluid retention can cause swelling and pain in the arms, legs, fingers, toes, head, or neck. The affected area may have aches and pains or a feeling of heaviness. Swollen lymph nodes that do not go down. Skin problems may include such as discoloration, blisters, infection, or fluid leaking. It may also cause earache, vision problems, or nasal congestion. As a result, you may have difficulty breathing, swallowing, or talking.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Kaya Skin Clinic provides intensive Lymphatic massage solutions that can –

Boost your immune system

As a lymphatic massage moves waste and toxins from the tissue to the heart and out of the body, the lymph nodes become less congested and the immune system becomes stronger, helping to prevent illness and fight infection.

Aid your weight loss

This Lymphatic Drainage helps along with slimming treatment reduce the fat content in the body with the proper circulation of lymph nodes.

Improve circulation and water retention

Our Lymphatic drainage massage can stimulate circulation and relieve fluid retention in the body. Not only does this give an instantaneous feeling of well-being but the legs and ankles feel lighter and regain a slimmer appearance.

How does Lymphatic massage work?

At Kaya Skin Clinic, a Lymphatic drainage massage is a two-step process:

  • Clearing: This step releases Lymphatic fluid in your tissues;
  • Reabsorption: This step moves your Lymphatic fluid to your lymph nodes.

Who can benefit from a Lymphatic massage?

A Lymphatic massage, can benefit people who have a buildup of Lymphatic fluid due to:

  • Cancer and cancer treatments that involve the removal of lymph nodes
  • Filariasis, which is an infestation of the lymph nodes by a parasite carried by mosquitoes
  • Some types of vascular surgery, such as vein stripping
  • Burn scar excision
  • Lipectomy, Liposuction: a type of surgery to remove fat from the body
  • Infection or trauma in the Lymphatic system
  • A buildup of fluid due to deep vein thrombosis
  • Health conditions that affect blood flow to the extremities, such as the hands and feet
  • Post plastic surgery for face or body
  • Post Slimming , localized fat reduction and cellulite treatments

What to expect after a Lymphatic massage?

Considering getting a lymphatic massage, but curious about what will happen afterward? Well, we have the answers for you. After the surgery, our Lymphatic drainage massage alleviates Edema, Lymphedema, and other inflammatory conditions.

Here are the most common things to expect after a Lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Feeling of relaxation.
  • Increased energy and vitality.
  • Mild detox flu-like symptoms.
  • Improved immune system.
  • Provide relief from chronic pain.
  • Decrease the time for postoperative healing.
  • Reduce swelling.
  • Soften scars and fibrotic tissue.
  • Invigorate your sense of well-being.


How long does a massage take?

One session at Kaya Clinic takes approximately 30 minutes for face &  60  minutes for body. The number of sessions you require depends on the condition you want to treat and your body’s response to the treatment. Our in-house therapists can provide you with all the necessary information during the first treatment session.

To get better results from lymphatic drainage massage, make sure that you drink adequate water. Besides, include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and minimize the consumption of processed foods. Staying physically active also maximizes the benefits of this treatment.

Your immune system protects you from diseases. So, it should be your priority to ensure that your immune system is healthy. Non-invasive treatment such as the lymphatic drainage massage is possibly the most convenient treatment you can hope for because of its high efficiency. Consult a doctor and nurse clinic at a trusted medical center like Kaya, get yourself examined, and try this treatment to boost your immune system.



  • How long does it take to see results?

After one treatment you will experience circulation improvement and reduction of swelling. Depending on your goal, a course of treatment is recommended for optimum results. Regular treatment will leave you feeling lighter and healthier, it will help prevent water retention whilst improving the appearance of the skin.

  • Who performs the Lymphatic drainage massage?

Our certified therapists are Lymphatic massage specialists and will ensure you receive the best lymphatic massage in Dubai (Available in all areas) with recommendations and bespoke treatment plans to help you achieve your goals.

  • Best Lymphatic drainage massage near me.

We are located in UAE – JBR Walk, Barsha Heights, Burjuman Center, Town Center Jumeirah & Midriff City Centre. Book an appointment and experience the best Lymphatic massage in Dubai.

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