GCell - Hair Growth Treatment

One cannot deny how confident one feels when hair looks good and feels healthy and shiny. But, as we age, hormone level changes and the size of hair follicles also diminishes, contributing to hair fall. Heredity, medical conditions, and stress are other reasons for excessive hair loss.

At Kaya, we understand how damaging, both mentally and physically, hair fall can be and provide advanced GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension treatment to reduce hair fall and trigger hair growth. It is one of the safest and most effective hair growth treatments with advanced techniques based on capillary vessel and tissue generation therapy.

What is GCELL hair growth treatment?

GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension is a single-session treatment that has recently been used as an alternative to many hair treatment methods. It is a new technique based on capillary vessel and tissue generation therapy that helps prevent hair loss and other hair problems. It does not contain any chemicals and involves the concentration of epithelial and mesenchymal cells, which creates a microenvironment for tissue regeneration.

How does GCell work?

GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension is an effective and reliable method developed recently to fight against androgenetic alopecia and other hair fall problems. In this process, a tissue suspension obtained from the autologous cells of a person is used to renew hair tissues and skin. During the procedure, dermatologists collect the cells from the patient’s own body (scalp), process them, and inject them, and the number of progenitor cells in the treated area increases.

Benefits of GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension

 ●     Protect and prevent loss of the existing hair

●     Thicken and strengthen long but weak hair

●     Help individuals have dense hair

●     Activate inactive hair cells under the scalp

●     Increases the success of hair transplantation

●     100% otology (Chemical free)

●     Tissue remains viable and sterile since they are not exposed to external environment


What are the common areas of GCell method?

GCell Autologous tissue suspension is mainly used on hair scalps, follicles, eyebrows, beards, and moustaches.

How long does it take?

The entire process takes around 40 minutes. Tissue samples collected from the hairy tissues are placed into the GCell kit and processed for 5 minutes. Later, it is injected into the application areas, taking less than 30 minutes. Patients can go to their daily lives after the application.

What to expect during GCell hair growth treatment?

The GCell autologous tissue suspension is an injectable treatment where three hair follicles are removed from the tissues of the nape of the neck between the ears. Doctors use these tissues because they can create softer hairlines and preserve their vitality. These removed follicles undergo tissue separation by a unique protocol using GCell tissue separation kits. The separated cells are activated through photoactivation, which is sterile and not exposed to the external environment. Later, the cells are injected into the targeted area by mesotherapy technique. The process requires reliable and local anesthesia to make the patient relaxed and comfortable. Once the cells are injected, the target area is dressed up and bandaged sterilely.

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