Follicle Reboot with I-PRF

Noticing an alarming number of strands and clumps of hair in your comb more often? Then, it’s time to deal with it right away! A reduction in hair density and more scalp visibility are signs of excessive hair loss or thinning. Hair loss or Alopecia is also a common concern witnessed by males and females which may further lead to baldness.

However, thanks to the advanced in Kaya’s medical technology, hair regeneration is now possible. With the help of Follicle Reboot with I-PRF, you can regrow your hair and restore your confidence. It is a non-surgical and 100% natural hair-growing treatment that uses cell-growth factors to regrow and restore inactive hair follicles through wound-healing technology.

What is the Follicle Reboot with I-PRF hair rejuvenation treatment?

Follicle Reboot with I-PRF or Platelet-Rich-Fibrin hair regeneration is a cutting-edge and painless hair treatment used for patients who do not want surgery. It is a multiple sessions treatment that has recently been used as an alternative to many hair treatment methods. It is a 100% natural treatment and does not contain any chemicals. It uses the patient’s own blood and contains stem cells with high regenerative potential.

How does Follicle Reboot with I-PRF work?

Follicle Reboot with I-PRF uses the patient’s blood plasma that contains platelets (source of healing proteins and growth factors), stem cells (the conductors of our body’s own healing and regenerative orchestra of healing and regeneration molecules), fibrin (the wound healing and regeneration matrix) and leukocytes, allowing a greater harvest of cells. The leukocytes along with platelets play a key role in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Once the blood is drawn from the patient’s body, it is spun at a lower speed in the centrifuge. The centrifugal force generated pushes the heavier red blood cells to the bottom of the tube and platelets and white blood cells to the top of the tube. The top layer containing the plasma and platelets is collected and injected into the areas of thinning hair.

At later time points up to 10 days, it was found that PRF continued the release of growth factors.

Benefits of Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin

  • Helps increase hair volume
  • Restores hair loss
  • Enhances the growth of hair follicles
  • Promotes healing
  • Accelerates the rate and degree of tissue generation
  • Triggers new hair growth
  • Thickens existing hair
  • Decrease acne scars

What are the common areas of the Follicle Reboot with I-PRF method?

Follicle Reboot with I-PRF, or injectable platelet-rich fibrin, can be used for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, acne scarring, scalp hair thinning or hair loss, incontinence, or vaginal laxity

How long does it take?

The process takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Patients can go to their daily lives immediately after completing the session. Sometimes, the patient may experience a minor inflammation or redness for one or two days.

What to expect from Follicle Reboot with I-PRF hair rejuvenation treatment?

Injectable platelet rich fibrin is a non-surgical process where the blood is drawn from the patient’s body in specialized tubes of Follicle Reboot with I-PRF placed in a I-PRF centrifuge. It operates at lower speeds to keep stem cells and white blood cells together with the plasma and blood platelets. The PRF is then ready for injection. The scalp is cleansed, topical anesthesia applied to reduce any discomfort and PRF is injected in the area being treated.


● Who can undergo Follicle Reboot with I-PRF treatment?

The process can be performed on men and women suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, androgenic alopecia, other forms of alopecia, hair loss due to menopause and also skin rejuvenation or acne scars.

● When does it show its effect?

The results may vary from person to person. However, you will see a decrease in hair thinning and hair growth in the first two or three months.

● What is the difference between Follicle Reboot with I-PRF and PRP?

There is a difference between PRF and PRP hair growth treatment. PRF is spun at a lower speed while PRP is spun at a higher speed. Another significant difference between PRF and PRP is the concentration of platelets and leucocytes within the final concentrate. PRF also releases growth factors for upto 10 days expediting results.

● What is the required number of i-PRF sessions?

Number of sessions depends on the concern vary; however it is advised to do one i-PRF every 2-3 months filling the gap between the sessions by PRP and other hair treatments.

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