the skin clinic

What does the region’s leading skin clinic chain do after defining the pinnacle of advanced skin care in the region? It re-imagines the skin clinic as you know it today.

Spring 2017 signified a key milestone in Kaya’s journey in the Middle East. Kaya revealed a new identity with two new clinics in Dubai – BurJuman and Barsha Heights. 2018 saw the #allnewKaya experience in the Sultanate of Oman, at Muscat City Centre, followed by two relocations in Abu Dhabi – one within Abu Dhabi Mall and the other, to Al Wahda Mall in July 2018. “2019 Jan saw the most recent relocation within Dubai, to the beautiful JBR Walk.”

The new clinic heralds what could be called “Skin Clinic 2.0” – the next generation Skin Clinic. It represents the evolution of a skin clinic experience into something that we believe will set the benchmark in the category for time to come.

The backstory began with the brand’s quest to understand what goes into making a customer feel truly special. The exercise focused on a crucial question: how could a clinic feel less like a medical clinic, even as rapidly advancing medical technology and a growing spectrum of offerings make it more of one? At the heart of it all was a key learning: what customers desire most in a clinic is an experience that is all about them. Every moment, every element must feel special, designed for them, to make them look good and feel great. An experience where science meets beauty.

With the launch of this new identity, not only has the brand unveiled the next generation skin clinic, but also a vibrant new ‘Kaya’ brand, which will continue to lead the industry as it always has. Check out the 360 tour of the #allnewkaya

the K-print

Kaya brings together science and beauty. This exciting connect is semiotically expressed through the brand’s new Marque. Inspired by the thumb print which signifies personalisation, the multiple lines that make up the marque represent

the scientific core – the brand’s dermatological expertise which Kaya has always stood for. On closer examination, the letter “K” reveals itself, representing the hidden potential that Kaya brings out in our customers through its personalised dermatological offerings.