They understand what makes you unique… and that, in turn, is what makes them unique. Meet the region’s biggest team of dermatologists. Highly qualified and trusted by thousands of customers, they bring you their individual commitment with the collective intelligence of the region’s largest skin clinic. Rest assured, you’re in expert hands.

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Every skin has a unique story to tell. Your skin needs delicate care and commitment - it is what the world sees of you everyday for the rest of your life. We at Kaya Skin Clinic understand that your skin needs are real. Meet our world-class team of dermatologists in Abu Dhabi who will aid you at every step of your skin journey from a thorough skin examination, specialized treatment for every skin condition to the right skin solution.

With six clinics in Abu Dhabi, Kaya Skin Clinic is already the largest and the best skin clinic chain in operation in the region with state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technology. The dermatology team at Kaya Skin Clinic comes with high pedigree and the collective intelligence is highly trusted and endorsed by thousands of skin satisfied clients. Our skin specialists work round the clock to formulate skin solutions that have been meticulously pursued with single-minded precision.

To cater to the skin needs of the cosmopolitan multicultural society of Abu Dhabi, each one of our trained and qualified skin doctors undergoes rigorous hands-on training to stay up-to-date with the latest and advanced developments in skin science and allied fields. Be assured, there is specialized and safe treatment for every conceivable skin condition and hair worry. Our team of dermatologists will consult with you and come up with a treatment plan that is best suited for you. Whether you require treatment for acne, hair loss, pigmentation, dark circles, wart removal or stretch marks removal, our doctors will guide you and supervise you throughout your treatment journey

Visit the nearest Kaya Skin Clinic today in Abu Dhabi or give us a call today for a skin appointment with some of the best dermatologists from the industry.