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They understand what makes you unique… and that, in turn, is what makes them unique. Meet the region’s biggest team of dermatologists. Highly qualified and trusted by thousands of customers, they bring you their individual commitment with the collective intelligence of the region’s largest skin clinic. Rest assured, you’re in expert hands.

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  • Dr. Swagata Chakrabarty

    Dr. Swagata Chakrabarty

  • Dr. Rosanne Dalgado

    Dr. Rosanne Dalgado

  • Dr. Wasna Deeb

    Dr. Wasna Deeb

  • Dr. Naiyna Nangia

    Dr. Naiyna Nangia

  • Dr. Reham Kolib

    Dr. Reham Kolib

  • Dr. Kausar Valiulla

    Dr. Kausar Valiulla

  • Dr. Maha Abouzeid

    Dr. Maha Abouzeid

  • Dr. Rasha Sheta

    Dr. Rasha Sheta

  • Dr. Vivek Mehta

    Dr. Vivek Mehta

  • Dr. Maher Saleh

    Dr. Maher Saleh

  • Dr. Azza Salih

    Dr. Azza Salih

  • Dr. Mansi Mukherjee

    Dr. Mansi Mukherjee

  • Dr. Vandana Kadam

    Dr. Vandana Kadam

  • Dr. Taysir Rashid

    Dr. Taysir Rashid

  • Dr. Hanadi Al Salama

    Dr. Hanadi Al Salama

  • Dr. Eman El Gendy

    Dr. Eman El Gendy

  • Dr. Mohammad Dallah

    Dr. Mohammad Dallah

  • Dr. Marian Coutinho

    Dr. Marian Coutinho

  • Dr. Hussein Ahmed

    Dr. Hussein Ahmed

Meet the region’s largest team of dermatologists. They are incredibly passionate about their craft. They assess your needs first and then recommend the best treatment solution suitable for you. During your treatments, our team of doctors and specialists, make sure to supervise the entire process and are always on their toes to give you the best and most rewarding results. Each one of our qualified specialists brings with them years of experience and are trusted by thousands of customers in this region. It is only because of them that we at Kaya are known for our bespoke treatment plans for skin, acne, hair loss, pigmentation and more. We assure you that when you walk into our clinic, you are being cared for by some of the region's best dermatologists. To consult with our experts, call us or drop in at your nearest Kaya skin clinic branch.