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It helps to be the biggest team of dermatologists in the region, looking after millions of customers. We gain a wealth of insight into everything skin, hair and body, which we’re happy to share with you. Scroll right through for what matters most to you. It’s science made simple. Ageing is a natural process of your skin. But, is your skin reflecting your true age or is it ageing faster? Take our quiz to find out!

  • All You Need to Know about Sunscreens!


    Did you know that sunscreen also has an expiry date? Are you aware of the ‘Teaspoon Rule’? Can we highlight why skin specialists insist on using sunscreen with SPF 30+? As we approach International Sunscreen Day which falls on May 27th, we cover this and more in this latest blog written by the skincare experts…

  • Treat Yourself to The Body You Love


    Do you know that only 21% of people in the world are happy with the way they look? The result – lower self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression. In this era of fast, busy, and hectic schedules, it becomes difficult to take good care of your body and give it the time and attention it deserves….

  • Laser Hair Removal for Men


    Beard Laser Hair Removal for Men For a man, nothing defines a neat, taut jawline like the razor-sharp edge of a perfectly shaped beard. It also adds a great dimension to the cheekbones, as it grazes neatly across the mid cheek in a straight line or a curve. Once you’ve nailed the look, who does…

  • Elevate your Artistic Halloween Look


    It is that time of the year again to bring out your spookiest self and scare the world around you!! Halloween is being celebrated all over the world on 31st of October and the excitement levels in Dubai are at an all time high. Even Google has started prepping for the ‘H – Day’ by…

  • The Ultimate Secret to Stretch Marks Removal


    Your warrior stripes are showing and undoubtedly you have earned every one of those. You did the hard work and came out on top. And boy, was the work hard!  Warriors like you come in all forms. We have the ones who put in endless hours and insane levels of discipline to lose those unwanted…

  • How Kaya can help eliminate excessive sweating


    Feeling embarrassed by your sweaty fingers, scalp, forehead or underarms? Do you lose your confidence while meeting others thinking of the above? Or are you scared of shaking hands because of your sweaty palms?  It would be embarrassing to yourself that you are profusely sweating for no apparent reason. It would make you look weak,…

  • Unveiling the Essence of Kaya Skin Clinic: A Unique Brand Experience


    Aldo Gucci once said, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten”. For Kaya Skin Clinic, our clients are our biggest assets. And their voice becomes the brand’s loudest marketing campaign. Over the last 20 years, more than 350,000 customers have entrusted Kaya with their skin and beauty needs. We are not going to rest…

  • Achieve Your Dream Body with These Amazing Care Treatments


    As the old saying goes, “It’s not about the dress; it’s about the shape.” Sometimes, we feel self-conscious about our body shape, no matter how confident we behave. Body shaming can inject negativity into our lives. We are prone to more freedom with a flexible fat-free body. To flaunt our body first we need to…

  • Say NO to Fifty Shades of Dark Circles


    We all love celebrating Halloween, but dark circles give us a natural Halloween makeup look every day. Fifty shades of grey books are an interesting read, but fifty shades of dark circles may not entice someone. The skin under our eyes has Periorbital hyperpigmentation which naturally appears darker than our skin tone due to hyperpigmentation….

  • How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day to Make it Memorable


    The best thing that ever happens without a plan is Love. Sharing the last piece of a cake, no matter how much you want it – is Love, and Valentine’s is the day to express your love, passion, and affection. Valentine’s Day is a day that is all about romance and love. It is also…


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