Laser Hair Removal for Men

Beard Laser Hair Removal for Men

For a man, nothing defines a neat, taut jawline like the razor-sharp edge of a perfectly shaped beard. It also adds a great dimension to the cheekbones, as it grazes neatly across the mid cheek in a straight line or a curve. Once you’ve nailed the look, who does not want it to stay that way? You can’t let the carefully cultivated 5 o’clock shadow get all hazy as stubble erupts across the border to soften those lines.

Now here’s the unavoidable truth – Hair grows because that’s what it is meant to do.

From caveman to metrosexual

Body hair is an evolutionary hangover from the time when a cave on the side of a mountain was a family home, not a den with a gaming console and a mini fridge. Body hair kept our ancestors, the early homo sapiens, somewhat protected from the elements of nature.

We’ve gained intellect and shed body hair in the long journey from caveman to today’s metrosexual. As an evolutionary journey, this might seem a brilliant deal, but men aren’t quite done yet. Most modern men would love to have their chests, backs, and underarms without body hair. For men, facial hair removal is an innovation in the field of skincare for men.

Ditch the razor. Discover laser.

What if you could have the perfect beard line defined and set, once and for all? Just imagine – no stubble, no blur, and no bother. For facial hair removal, men can take the help of advanced laser hair removal,you can eliminate unwanted hair right from the root. With beard shaping laser hair removal, you could lock the look – for life. The boundaries are defined. All you then need to do, going forward, is to trim to the length you wish to have. The choice is yours, whether it is the sharp shadow or a hirsute hipster, the choice is yours. Laser beard shaping makes the entire process of beard maintenance and upkeep pretty smart and hygienic. Beard laser is unbelievably convenient. Best of all, there are no more razor cuts.

For body hair removal, men can opt for laser hair removal for men which does more than deliver permanently perfect beards. It gives you total freedom from body hair – chest, back, underarms – and all other areas where you’d like to be hair-free. Gradually, for good.

Each day, we grow hair, and we lose it too. Why? Because hair grows in three different phases: the Anagen phase – the first and active phase in the cycle of hair regrowth, the Catagen phase – which is a brief transitional period between growth and the resting cycle, and the Telogen phase – the resting stage of the hair growth cycle. This phase lasts until the hair is finally shed by friction.

Now, what does all of the above have to do with laser hair removal? Here’s how. At any given time, your hair is in any one of these three phases at any given time. Laser hair removal is only effective in the Anagen stage, and this is why multiple treatments are needed. (It’s a bit like a shootout game. It’s different guys who pop up every time, but you finally finish them all)

Get perfectly sorted from back to chin, neck, and even toe with the right choice of laser treatments. Nail the look, and it stays with you, with the help of our dermatologists. That’s a whole lot easier than trying to run a razor down your own back, isn’t it!


How many treatment sessions are required?

The number of sessions depend on skin type, hair, and the response to the treatment. Also, at any given time, only a certain amount of hair follicles are in the active mode while the others are in a resting phase. This is typically how body hair works and laser treatment only works on active hair follicles. On an average, one needs 4-6 treatment sessions spread out over 12 months.

What kind of pre-procedure preparation does one need for laser hair removal?

Skin doctors will want you not to come in freshly shaved because that will prevent the doctor a good visual to locate the beard’s hair base.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal is 100 percent not free of pain. The procedure is going to cause a little pain which however, is a big improvement than it used to be in the past. A lot of dermatologists offer topical solutions to provide comfort.

Is laser hair removal expensive or cheap?

Laser hair removal techniques involve highly skilled procedures with advanced high-tech equipment. The procedure does not come cheap.

Is laser hair removal for men safe?

Yes, laser hair removal treatments for men are completely safe.

What common areas can be treated by laser for men?

Chest, full face, and neck, back, and arms are some of the common areas that men opt for laser treatment.

Is it normal for some hair to grow back?

Despite undergoing a laser hair removal procedure, it is quite possible that some hair or new hair will grow back. Often, this can be managed with a touch-up during an annual visit to the dermatologist.

Are there home options for laser hair removal?

While the market is flooded with home options, professional dermatologists won’t recommend home options in laser hair removal from a safety point of view. Patients can end up with permanent scarring and pigmentation.

What precautions are required for laser hair removal?

Post procedure, one must avoid exposure to the elements of nature like sun, intense heat and sweat or any chemicals-laden skin products including soaps and detergents. The area in and around the beard must be left soothed and breathing, preferably in a temperature controlled room with gentle cool showers with gentle cleansers.

Is laser beard shaping permanent?

Laser beard shaping will have permanent results when the hair follicle is destroyed.

Hair may regrow if the hair follicle is not destroyed completely, but just damaged. Hence, laser beard shaping is referred to as a ‘long-term’ treatment.

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists

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