Beautiful skin is a journey, and we recommend that you begin early enough. It includes easing out stress creases, reversing dark circles, staying clear of acne and erasing acne scars if any, brightening up skin, making lips more luscious and even clearing up your diary with longer-lasting hair removal that can be done way in advance.

Bridal skin is a project in itself. Dull, tired skin with an overlay of makeup may not work very well. With mounting pressure and compromised self care during the lead up to the big day, skin may develop multiple flaws and blemishes surprisingly quickly, adding to stress levels and setting off a vicious cycle.

Our expert dermatologists can anticipate and manage your skin care needs with specialised treatments within a holistic customised plan.

Kaya Skin Glow Solutions

Great makeup is subtle and enhancing, not heavy and concealing. Good skin provides the essential base for the look you want to have on the day. Based on clinical evaluations of special ingredients and coactive formulations, our dermatologists have created a set of Skin Glow solutions that go deeper and do more, while ensuring that you truly enjoy the experience. Science meets beauty as ingredients such as activated carbon and 24K gold work their way. The focus is on achieving sustainable results.

Botox® and Dermal Fillers

Stress tells stories, one little line at a time.  However, a few subtle touches can relax those lines and fill out those tiny little creases that creep up at times like this, especially around the eyes and corners of the mouth.

Dermal fillers, expertly used, can also help you have your lips augmented. Kaya Lipcraft, our specialised service, adds volumes of lusciousness to lips.

Kaya Pigmentation Solutions

Skin tends to acquire a dull-ish cast and occasionally, uneven tone, with the unavoidable UV exposure that comes with daytime trips to jewellers and couturiers. Our specialised skin brightening peels reverse mild hyperpigmentation. For more intensive work, our dermatologists combine laser technologies with advanced peels and skin care products that work at a cellular level.

Kaya Dark Circle Solutions

Tiredness shows where skin is at its most delicate. Dark circles and puffy eyes are the most visible outcomes and normally the hardest to eliminate. Working their way around these conditions, our dermatologists use advanced therapies and nutrients to boost oxygenation and bring luminosity to the area around the eyes.

Kaya Acne and Acne Scar Solutions

Breakouts are every bride’s worst nightmare and even the most aggressive makeup approach fails to conceal them. Acne is often triggered by stress which  affects your hormonal balance, sending sebum production into overdrive. Kaya Acne Solutions get down to work right away, controlling oiliness, exfoliating skin to prevent clogging of pores, and calming inflammation to reduce the severity of acne.

In many instances, skin may bear old acne scars that it has not succeeded in eliminating through the natural process of skin regeneration.  Kaya Acne Scar Repair carries out this process in an accelerated manner, eliminating existing lesions and scars while preventing the formation of new ones to achieve the goal of flawless, beautiful skin.

Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Reduction

A collection of the latest technologies, Kaya Ultima Laser Hair Reduction is faster, painless and leaves your skin smoother for longer. So you can be done well in advance of the big day. What’s more, it is a safe and effective procedure for all parts of the body; the upper lip, chin, back, legs, forearm, underarm, and bikini line.

At the heart of the Kaya Ultima experience is the expertise of our dermatologist-therapist teams. They will work closely you to deliver a customised treatment crafted around your hair and skin type, using the latest US FDA approved technologies, systems and devices.

What to expect

Exact outcomes depend on various factors, including your commitment to the process of clinical sessions and self care tips prescribed by the dermatologist. That said, you can confidently be on track to looking your best on the day.

Advanced solutions. Expertly customized.

Our dermatologists draw upon the latest advancements to craft a treatment that’s just right for you.

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