Elevate your Artistic Halloween Look

It is that time of the year again to bring out your spookiest self and scare the world around you!! Halloween is being celebrated all over the world on 31st of October and the excitement levels in Dubai are at an all time high. Even Google has started prepping for the ‘H – Day’ by coming with an interesting pop-up on their homepage. Try it out by typing ‘halloween’ on Google and see the cute little surprise yourself. So, the bigger question now is, how are your preparations coming along? 

Halloween is a time where you are trying to look your scary best. But that in itself could be tricky as you want to look vicious and elegant at the same time. And what could be even more challenging is how you take care of your skin before and after the halloween celebrations. With all that colour and makeup that is going to go on your hair and face and other parts of the body, it sure is an invitation for a lot of trouble but not with the right care and preparation. Let’s look at how we can prepare ourselves for the festive season. Hold onto your broomsticks! 

Prep up right 

An occasion where scores of friends and relatives are going to meet up should not be missed. Preparing well in advance for the same would help you be confident, happy and spotless. Here are the top treatments and procedures that are popular during this joyous season.   

Skin Polishing & Brightening 

Be it Ursula the witch from the Little Mermaid that you wish to be this Halloween or Morticia from the Addams Family, it would still demand you to be glowing and flawless. The Skin Polishing and Brightening with Microdermabrasion from Kaya Skin Clinic does precisely that.  

and those with sensitive skin, fret not, we have the aqua jet exfoliation for you. It’s a spray of micronized saline droplets that pressure exfoliate your skin to unveil a more glowing you, a treat for your skin 

Dermal Fillers 

One of the most demanded treatments during the halloween season is Derma Fillers. As we age or for other natural reasons, our skin across the face and other parts tend to sag and have wrinkles. But that does not mean it is irreversible. Kaya uses 100% FDA approved products that are administered by qualified and experienced dermatologists. But what is a derma filler, you may ask. 

In a nutshell, derma fillers are injectable implants that help to restore volume in areas that have sunken in. Usually administered on the cheeks, lips and for hand and foot rejuvenation, there is minimal down time and the results last for several months. 

Skin Protection 

Halloween makeup takes a huge toll on the skin with all the makeup that you do. At the spur of the moment, we tend to give in to all that hype to look our best for the Halloween party. Hence, it is important that we prep our skin so that the makeup does not make its way through. The Kaya Skin Protection Cream is enriched with natural aloe Vera and is perfect for a skin that has undergone services such as laser hair Reduction, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion and peels. Loaded with Antioxidants and antibacterial properties, this wonder cream is perfect for wound healing and prevents wrinkles and is ideal for any type of skin, let alone oily skin. 

Body Contouring 

We think that it goes without saying that if it is a Batman or a Wonder Woman costume that you choose to go with for the halloween party, then you better have a figure that justifies the outfit. Because it is one thing to be a big fan of the DC Comic Series but to pull off that chiselled look is a whole different ball game. But putting that concern to rest is the Body Contouring Solutions by Kaya. 

The dermatological team at Kaya Skin Clinic brings to the fore, advanced techniques and technologies that are non-surgical, non-invasive. These help in delivering exceptional results in the areas of fat reduction, muscle building and skin tightening. The benefits help to sculpt out that perfectly contoured body with perfect curves. 

Take fat reduction for instance. Kaya’s CoolSculpting and Cooltech use a technology that uses extreme cold temperatures to freeze fat cells. These procedures have zero to nil downtime giving you an easy way to get rid of that stubborn fat. This is used to reduce fat in areas such as the upper arm, back (bra fat), thighs, abdomen and underneath the buttocks (banana roll). Looks like you can start practising your Superhero dialogues afterall. 

Washing off the Halloween Hangover 

After downing all the fruit punch and dancing till your feet went numb, you could be walking around like a zombie the next day. Your skin and hair too would have taken a huge beating as all that makeup and hair colour needs to be washed off and restored to previous glory. But how easy is it going to be? It is time to take out the magic wand!  

Deep Cleansing 

Often these makeup products with their colours and chemicals leave acne and scars behind. This is exactly where Kaya’s acne and acne scar treatment come to good use. The treatment helps to reduce excess oil (sebum) production, exfoliates the skin to prevent clogging of pores, and provides anti-inflammatory measures to reduce the severity of acne. Furthermore, the treatment involves exfoliation and deep cleansing of the skin, followed by a laser treatment that penetrates the skin and remodels the scars to achieve flawless and beautiful skin.  

Laser Treatment 

The laser treatment is highly effective in dealing with the aftermath that the heavy makeup leaves behind on the skin. They are found to give exceptional results when used against waterproof makeup products or airbrush makeup. 

Kaya has an advanced tool called the Q Switch Laser that works to clear all the troubles caused by the foundations and mascaras of Halloween makeup. It works to eliminate pigmentation of the skin and instead, rejuvenates the skin. It also promotes collagen production in the body thereby making the skin look fuller and smooth. Additionally, the Q Laser makes the skin look brighter and even toned thus improving its overall texture. 

Other skin care recommendations 

– Using a good quality sunscreen to protect against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun will help to prevent the skin from long term damage. Even on a cloudy day, using a sunscreen of SPF 30+ is recommended. The Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen from Kaya Skin Clinic has special formulations in it that prevent sunburn, photo-ageing, tanning and freckles. It keeps the skin hydrated all day long and works well on normal and dry skin.  

– Avoiding harmful ingredients that might be there on the makeup products such as parabens would help you retain the texture and youthfulness of your skin. It would be worth your time to check the ingredient list on the skincare and makeup products before making a purchase. 

– A moisturising cream that is compatible with your skin type is essential. It should be capable of minimising water loss thereby keeping the skin hydrated all day long without any other side effects. If your skin type is normal or oil, then Kaya’s Anytime Moisturising Cream would be a good choice for this daily routine that needs to be followed. 

If you went all out to become a Margot Robbie-esque Harley Quin , dying or spraying your hair red and blue , we have just the treatments you need. Book in for a hair-revival PRP session or mesotherapy or vitamin infusion that will help destress your tresses. 

And when all late light partying has tanked your energy levels, Kaya iv infusion therapies will give you the boost you need 

There you have it. The pre and post care that your skin demands and craves for have been stated. Have a great time at Halloween and do check with us at Kaya Skin Clinic for any skin care tips and advice. With us, you can rest assured that there are only treats, no tricks! 

– By Kaya’s Expert Dermatologists


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